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How Bully Xtreme Works

Who Else Wants To Discover The
"Secrets" Of The -- 7 Minute Workout?

The Bully Xtreme Isometric Portable Home Gym is a deceptively powerful fitness machine and home resistance gym. That allows you to strength and cardio train without using free weights, resistance bands, including fancy & expensive exercise equipment or even treadmills.

Instead, using its unique "Power Tension" strength resistance system, you can choose to use it as a cable machine or resistance bands to target your muscles and get the most mind-blowing, muscle popping workout you have ever had ... in just 7 minutes! In fact...

You Have Never Tried Anything like This!

By simply grasping the contoured handles, you can compress the Bully Xtreme Isometrics Home Gym... working both your pulling and pushing muscles.

The Bully Xtreme is a great piece of exercise equipment for many sports.

Including, archery, bow hunting, golf, wrestling, baseball, football, and any other sports were having a greater strength will make a difference. For example, if you are an archer many of the exercises that you can perform with the Bully Xtreme mimic the way you draw the bow string in archery. Thus, you can target the sport specific muscles that will help you improve your aim and draw strength.

Now here's the thing, the Bully Xtreme will allow you to perform just over 82 muscle building exercises that you can do in the privacy of your home, office, hotel room... just about anywhere -- for a customized total body workout that rivals a health club -- free weights, treadmills, or  just about anything on the market today And...

"It's A Doctor Endorsed Training System"

You can do all the same exercises with the Bully Xtreme Isometrics Home Gym that you can do with Free weights, Bowflex, Cables, Resistance Bands or a Total Gym!

Here's Some Exercises

Inner Legs Back Chest
Adductor muscle Seated Row Upper Chest
isometric leg exercises isometric exercises for your back isometric exercises from the upper chest

Whole Leg Side Shoulder Front Shoulder
Leg Extension Lateral Raise Front Raise
isometric exercises for the calves Bullworker Bully Xtreme shoulder muscles exercise image isometric exercises for arms

Back of arms
Front of arms
Triceps Extension
Biceps Curl
One Arm Row
isometric exercises for the tricep muscle isometric exercises for the biceps isometric exercises for the back

bullworker alternative bully xtreme

(Please Note: The Bully Xtreme home gym package includes the Bully Xtreme exerciser, full-color wall chart illustrating 40+ exercises and all the online workout manuals, bonuses and video training. Bonus CD is available at an additional charge.)

If you're looking to get stronger, leaner, and more muscular... than the Bully Xtreme isometric home gym is exactly what you're looking for. With the Bully Xtreme isometric exerciser each exercise takes no more than 7 to 10 seconds.

But the beauty of the Bully Xtreme is that you can also use it to completely reshape your body! Want bigger arms -- defined chest -- powerful back -- strong shoulders ... then try the Bully Xtreme for a full 4 months -- RISK FREE.

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