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Bully Xtreme testimonials keep coming in by the barrel full. On this page, you'll see why so many people love working out with their Bully Xtreme isometric exerciser.

For example, here are just a few... of the thousands of e-mails that we have received from Fitness Professionals, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Busy Executives, Former Soccer Moms and people like you...

john peterson Isometrics

"Hi Guys, I read the promo copy and truth to tell, it is true that Bruce Lee became an Isometric Contraction fanatic after his weight training accident.

The injury he sustained was so severe that
Mr. Lee never lived another day without experiencing extreme pain in his lower back.

In fact, it was a combination of high potency pain killers and alcohol that were responsible for his untimely death.

In addition to the original Bullworker , Mr. Lee performed every freehand ISO that you can imagine as well as those with the chain and pipe bar type.

He also experimented with the use of electrical current to induce extreme muscular contraction.

Bottom-line: ... "Bully Extreme" is a very superior device ..."

John Peterson, Author "Pushing Yourself To Power"

"Frank, I just finished my 1st workout ... you're right!

WOW, I bench press over 400 lbs on an Olympic bench and I'm sweating like crazy. Sorry for the skepticism.

I suppose I'm conditioned by years of isotonic training. The static contraction is something new-- for me.

My workouts are now faster, more effective and FUN!"

Scott W., Ebay:swole

An Unbiased Bully Xtreme Review

Posted In An Independent
Isometrics Exercise Forum

Bully Xtreme Isometrics

"Yes, I bought a Bully Xtreme and am very happy with what I received. I already had a BullworkerX-5 which I bought in 86 (It sits in it's box in storage).

The advertising hype for the Bully Xtreme got me curious. I sent away for it and received it and was totally pleased.

I have worked out with it 3 times and it's the best of the X-5 and the older Bully combined. A very strong spring so a lot of resistance. The tubes are all steel and the grips are very strong and contoured like the old "Bullworker", I did not like the flat plastic handles on the X-5.

It comes with a CD full of E-books. The main book takes you through goal setting and some positive thinking Psycho Cybernetics geared toward training.

Then there are routines from beginner to advance which cycles isometric with isotonic work outs. The isotonic have a 7-10 second isometric hold at the end.

There is also a huge book on diet which has things like carb cycling (a bodybuilding thing) cardio conditioning, this book is huge, I only read part of it.

Then there are about 4 Bruce Lee books, one shows Dan Inosanto training with a "Bullworker."

All I can really say is the last time I was this enthused about going into a former mode of training was when I purchased and read John Peterson's books PYTP and TM7. I am enjoying the variety of DVRs, ISOs and now Bully Xtreme Training.

Also, Frank Sherrill has been very helpful in a few questions I had which he clarified through email.

Bob R, Florida

Dear Frank,

"I can go right from a chest press to an incline press, to curls, to triceps, to biceps, to back. You can do neck exercises, abdominals, stretching, all of your cardiovascular... <

Just about anything you can think of. And all without stopping! That's what I love about Bully Xtreme-- its creativity."

Rene G, Owner and Personal Trainer, Mountainside, NJ

Have You Checked out
the Bully Xtreme Yet?

Besides being the Best Isometric Exercise Equipment on the market today, the Bully Xtreme allows you to workout using the most advanced training protocols... to give you the fastest strength gains and muscle growth possible.

The Bully Xtreme and the Iso-Synergy training systemwill increase your strength by 301% in less than 30 days!

How Is That Possible?

By utilizing the latest in muscle science, training concepts such as"

  • Muscle confusion
  • Muscle stacking
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Isotonics
  • Isometric exercise principles
  • And other workout protocols that have been proven in scientific studies to be effective in building muscle mass and strength.

You see the Bully Xtreme is not just another exercise gizmo!

It allows you to perform more than 82 health club quality type exercises and replaces resistance bands, dumbbells, and even an expensive cable machine.

Lowest Price Ever!

If you have thought about getting in shape, then now is the time! The Bully Xtreme is currently at the lowest price that I have ever offered it at.

But, in a few days the price is going up. Take advantage of the 50% off the regular low Internet price and start getting stronger, leaner and healthier with Bully Xtreme Iso-Synergy Workout System.

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