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Strength Training for Archery

Improve Your Archery by Strength Training

Why should you consider a strength training for archery workout?

Most people today are concerned because of their perception that they may have to buy "Specialized Equipment" and spend a lot of time each week working out in order to get more powerful in archery.

This is really a myth because effective strength training program does not need to be expensive, does not require you to join a gym or take a great deal of your time.

You can become tremendously strong with a well-designed program that can be executed in your home in just seven minutes -- 2 to 3 times per week.

Sounds incredible, right?

Strength for Archery Using Isometrics

Nevertheless, it is true; you can increase your strength for archery by utilizing isometric exercise into your archery training sessions. Iso's are one of the greatest builders of true strength than any other type of training for archery.

This is a scientifically validated fact.

When you draw your bow and hold it steady to aim it you are utilizing isometrics. In strength training for archery, using sport specific exercises will do more to build muscular strength and endurance than any other type of archery training.

Recent research has proven that strength training requires very little time to effectively build muscular strength and endurance. All you need is to perform a few carefully selected training exercises, 3 to 4 times a week, utilizing an isometric exerciser.

The advantage of isometric exercise equipment for archery is that it allows you to perform a total body workout. Every Archer knows that having a strong back, shoulders arms and legs is critical to good shooting.

In addition, we need to have strong core muscles and this is where training with a isometric exerciser has a major advantage over any other piece of exercise equipment including the Bowfit exerciser.

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