Ryan Reynolds Workout
Wolverine Origins

The Secrets of How Ryan Reynolds Added
15 Pounds of Muscle to His Body!

Ryan Reynolds Wolverine workout was nothing at all like his previous workout for the film Blade Trinity.

For his role as Deadpool, Reynolds was required to add more muscle to his frame than he did in Blade.

While most people have admired Ryan Reynolds abs, this time he needed to add on the beef.

Most fans of Marvel comics agree that the choice of Ryan Reynolds for the sarcastic and smart Alec... Deadpool character was right on the money.

Reynolds, who did not disappoint any of his fans with the physical conditioning he showed in the Wesley Snipes movie... Blade . Ryan displayed incredible muscularity and amazing 6 pack abs, for an actor who has made his money from acting silly.

After all, he is just a goofy comic!

(With an incredible set of abs as you can see from his men's health cover photograph.)

Comic or not, Reynolds has been getting some interesting roles lately. (In fact, he is on the shortlist for the DC comic character -- Flash.) Whether or not that film is made, one thing is for certain, he definitely paid the price in the training room.

Secrets Of The Ryan Reynolds
Wolverine Workout

Strom, his personal trainer, is a big believer in "functional fitness" which combines traditional weight training, resistance band exercises with core and stability exercises. Again, for the wolverine workout program, he had Reynolds train one body part per day over a six-day period.

ryan reynolds deadpool

Reynolds who appears to be an Ectomorph probably has a hard time putting on muscle size. That is why Strom went to a one-body part per day workout. The rep range was kept low, 6 to 8 reps per set.

Reynolds was pushed on each and in every workout to use as much weight as possible. Lifting heavy weights became his mantra!

In this next article, we discuss the Ryan Reynolds diet.

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