Isometric Training

Secrets of Isometric Training and Exercise

Before we get into the specifics of isometric training frequency let's explore further the science of "Isometrics" or "Static Contraction" and why it's one of the 3 training strategies we recommend.

What Is Isometrics Training?

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The term isometric, derived from the Greek, means "equal length." It refers to the fact that muscle fibers do not lengthen and shorten during this type of exercise. It is full force against an immovable object.

The concept gained scientific acceptance in 1953, when two German researchers Drs. Hettinger and Muller published a study showing that people who did isometric exercises enjoyed "dramatic" strength gains. Strength increases of 300% were common.

This was a revolutionary concept in exercise physiology. For many years, old-time strongman used isometric training as part of their workouts. Men like... Alexander Zass, John Grimek, and many others used isometric exercises in their bodybuilding workouts.

Charles Atlas and Old-Time
Strongman Used Isometric Training

What is interesting about Alexander Zass is that during World War I, he was wounded while serving in the Russian army. He was taken prisoner by the Austrian forces and as a prisoner of war; he continued to develop strength by using isometrics. He did this by pulling on the bars and the chains each day. Consequently, Zass escaped from prison and never returned to his homeland.

In the 1950's, Charles Atlas promoted isometric exercise in comic books promising relief to 90-pound weaklings tired of having sand kicked in their faces at the beach.

He referred to it by his own trademarked name "Dynamic Tension" While not all of Charles Atlas's exercises used isometrics...most people commonly associate it this way.

Isometric Training Becomes Popular

The  reports of incredible strength from powerlifters and bodybuilders began to circulate with the general public. But it wasn't until the 1960s when football coaches from the University of Notre Dame and San Francisco 49ers reported that the incredible gains in strength from their players came about as a result of adding isometric exercise to their strength and conditioning program.

Bob Hoffman of York Barbell wrote a classic book on this subject and in fact conducted his own research into the effectiveness of Isometrics by utilizing the U.S. Olympic Power Lifting Team. The results were nothing short of staggering!

So Why Did Isometrics Fade In Popularity

The 1960's marked the beginning of research into heart disease. At that time, the medical community thought that isometrics were dangerous for people with heart conditions or high blood pressure. Today further research has proven that they were dead wrong, but the scare discouraged the use of Isometrics.

Today isometrics is used by many doctors and medical professionals in rehabilitating individuals. Isometric exercise is a low impact training protocol that allows anyone any age especially senior citizens to utilize it and gain the tremendous benefits it offers.

(The stories about Isometrics raising your blood pressure levels is true but it is true about any exercise or conditioning program. Once the exercise session is over your blood pressure goes back down again.)

Frequency Of Isometric Training

In the early research of isometrics training it was recommended that you train every day performing no more than 10 exercises. You would employ a 6 to 10 second isometric or static hold using 60 to 70% of your strength.

Today it has been discovered that using 100% of your strength leads to bigger and faster gains. But as Bruce Lee noted in his book "The Art of Expressing the Human Body" which he co-authored with John little, isometrics alone will not build muscle size. The best way to utilize isometrics we have found is by using it as a post isometric contraction.

What Is a Post Isometric Contraction

A post isometric contraction is where you would perform an exercise for say 10 repetitions and then on the last repetition you would just perform a static hold instead of a full motion. The advantages of this training methodology is that isotonics will build the muscle fibers while isometrics builds tendon strength.

However, whether three training sessions per week cause maximal increases in strength is not fully substantiated. Hettinger (1961) calculated that alternate-day isometric training is 80% as effective as daily training sessions and that once-a-week training is 40% as effective.
Hettinger also concluded that training once every 2 weeks does not cause increases in strength, although it does serve to maintain strength.

In our own research and application with the Bully Xtreme... we have found that 3 to 4 times per week of training works best, personally I prefer to train every other day.

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