Goal Setting WorksheetsUsing Goal Setting Worksheets to Achieve Your Goals

Goal Setting Worksheets

Using Goal Setting Worksheets
to Achieve Your Goals

Goal Setting Worksheets and Templates

We firmly believe that 90% of any person success is driven by a combination of mental and emotional factors. Unfortunately most people have a hard time writing down your goals. That's why we recommend you use a goal setting worksheets.

How to Use a Goal Setting Worksheets

We recommend you use a goal setting worksheet for a few reasons:

Writing Crystallizes Thought and Thought Motivates action.

Have you ever tried to keep to do list in your head?

It's also possible to get anything done because you're constantly trying to remember what it is you have to do. It's the same thing with your goals. Using a goal setting worksheet means that your goals are in a written format and can be easily retrieved.

A Goal Setting Worksheet Gives Structure to Your Goals - would use a goal sheet or a goal setting template you don't forget to include any of the essential components that will help you accomplish your goals.

Goal Setting Worksheets
The Muscle Builders Secret Weapon

One of the tools we also recommend is to put your goals down on a 3 x 5 index card. The major problem with most people not achieving their goals whether fitness or wealth related, is because they do not focus on the goal long enough to make it their dominating thought.

Paul J. Meyer made this interesting quote once... "You Are Where You Are and What You Are Because of the Dominating Thoughts You Allow to Occupy Your Mind."

If you were to examine that statement you would then begin to understand that "We Become What We Think about" (as another great author in the human development and motivation field, Earl Nightingale once said.) To reach any goal we must constantly keep it at the forefront of our conscious thoughts. And that's where the next tool is so critical to your success.

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