Fitness Goal Setting

The Secret Technique That Will
Supercharge Your Fitness Goal Setting!

For most individuals setting goals is difficult. Not because the process is difficult but because they don't understand the process.

If you are doing some fitness goal setting this article will help you with a "SECRET" technique that we found that will almost magically GUARANTEE that you reach your fitness or bodybuilding goals, whatever they might be.

Allow me to present to you the secret weapon of all serious goal-achievers. This powerful tool will keep you focused on your major targets and help you develop laser-focus.

Not only will this tool will remind you throughout the day what your goals are it will also instill into your subconscious mind how your body will look in the future.

How to Guarantee Your
Fitness Goal Setting Results

Below you will find directions on exactly how it is that you can use the fitness goal setting... Goal Card most effectively. Choose the single most important 12-week (90 days) goal that is most important to you and is your absolute highest priority.

  • Then, write it down, in "affirmation" format, on a small 3 x 5 postcard or goal cards, as I like to call them. If you can use card stock like an index card, this is preferable.
  • If you have a laminator, then laminate it for longevity purposes because you are going to be handling it daily. You could also put it in a clear plastic credit card sleeve.
  • It is ideal to write your 90-day goal statement as an AFFIRMATION. This is covered in detail in chapter one of my "Bully Xtreme training manual,” yet curiously, only a handful of my clients write their goals in "affirmation" format the first time around.

Most people resist and object at first because it sounds weird, but the way you write your goal is vitally important, so pay close attention here.

How to Use Goal Cards In
Your Fitness Goal Setting

  • Start the goal card by writing your deadline at the top: This is the only part of your goal card that is written in future tense, and it is only for urgency, it's not part of your actual goal statement. All goals must have deadlines because it is a psychological law that work always expands to fill the time allowed.
  • Next, begin your fitness goal affirmation statement by writing it in personal tense (" I ")
  • Continue writing your fitness goal in present tense (" I AM ")
  • Write your goal with positive emotion ("I AM so happy ")
  • Write your goal with gratitude ("I AM so happy and thankful ")
  • Give added emphasis to personal and present tense ("I AM so happy and thankful now that I AM ...")
  • Finish by filling in the blank with your fitness goal.

The goal MUST be stated in the positive. In other words, you must write what you want to achieve, not what you want to avoid (how lean you want to become, not how much fat you want to get rid of). Be as clear and specific as possible and feel free to embellish and add as additional emotion to your affirmation statement as possible.

Ideally, when you read it, it should stir up a feeling and make a picture pop into your mind. Download a free copy of the Goal Card Here

Please DO NOT underestimate the power of this simple fitness goal setting technique.

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