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Bully Xtreme Training and
How to Use It Questions

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Q: How does the Bully Xtreme Work?

A:The Bully Xtreme is an incredible isometric exercise devise that allows you to use it like a cable machine at the gym or resistance bands. You can also compress it and use it like a chest expander.

This allows you to use both your pushing and pulling muscles (eccentric and concentric exercises can easily be performed.) 

Unlike most home gyms or exercise device that only allows you to use pushing or pulling exercises. The Bully Xtreme helps you to develop these muscles completely. What this means to you is that you will get faster results than most, if not all; other types of home exercise equipment.

And that's just the beginning, the Bully Xtreme gives you the best of all worlds in helping you to get ripped and muscular fast. However, you will be NOThave to spend a fortune simply because the entire home gym costs less than five cents per day to get a muscle pumping, and ripped total body workout!

Here's a Sample of the Muscle Building Isometrics

Like most people today you probably have a little bit too much fat around the midsection. Especially if you're a man.

But don't get me wrong women suffer from the same condition too. With the Bully Xtreme home gym you can perform more than 9 exercises that will slim and tone your midsection. And the exciting part is that each exercise only takes 7-10 seconds to perform.

Your entire 6 pack abs workout will take you less than 3 minutes!

I'm not kidding either. Using the Bully Xtreme iso-synergy workout just 3 to 4 times per week you will in no time at all have ripped six pack abs, a flat lean stomach, watermelon size shoulders, cannonball biceps and a V tapered back.

And with the Bully Xtreme you don't get a "puffy steroid looking body" what you'll have Is what is called a "Hollywood Look." You know what I mean, if you have seen Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, or any of the other Hollywood celebrities… that's exactly what you can accomplish with the Bully Xtreme isometric exercise system.

Take a look at these easy to perform exercises below just to get a sample of what you can get accomplished with your Bully Xtreme home gym!

Q:How can the Bully Xtreme give me up to 600 lbs of resistance?

A: Using our training method -- the resistance is comparable to 600 lbs of resistance. The 600 pound figure came about as a result of 2 bodybuilders working out at a local Powerhouse gym. While we were shooting the exercise photographs for the wall chart we gave some of the strong man an opportunity to try out the Bully Xtreme.

One of these individuals who is a NPC Masters National Winner... wasn't able to compress the Bully Xtreme while holding it in front doing exercise #2. Now mind you he easily benches over 425 lbs for reps and he was having a hard time compressing and holding the Bully Xtreme compressed for 10 seconds!

We gave the Bully Xtreme to Glenn who is a power lifter and has a max bench of 625 and he was able to compress and hold the Bully for the 10 second count. The end result is that using our system of training you will get the results you want, as it has for thousands of others!

Q: How is the Bully Xtreme better than a Bullworker X5 or any other Bullworker type product on the market today?

A: Well to start off with the Bully Xtreme gives you a 90 day no-hassle, no-risk money back guarantee. You can try it and REALLY see for yourself

We also warranty the Bully Xtreme 2 for LIFE! Our competition does not warranty their product at all...what does that tell you?

The Bully Xtreme comes with the following features that no other Bullworker type product offers:

  • A complete State-Of-The-Art Training Manual with complete explanations of many of the exercises. (You also get tips and strategies to get the fastest results using your Bully Xtreme home gym.)
  • Nutrition/Fat Loss Workbook. (A complete nutrition and meal plan that tells you exactly what to eat and how much. While still allowing you to eat the foods you love.)
  • Full color Bully Xtreme wall chart (The Bully Xtreme wall chart illustrates more than 40 muscle building exercises along with a description on how to perform them effectively.)
  • FREE Membership to the Bully Xtreme Inner Circle. (this is a members only forum where you can ask questions and have them answered by our experts... at no cost to you.)
  • Personalized coaching -- 100% Free (For 90 days you have 100% free access to our coaching website where all your questions will be answered and your workouts can be personalized for your own needs and goals.)
  • You will also receive access to our muscle building and fat loss library of articles. Here you will find hundreds of articles on nutrition, goal setting, isometric exercise, accelerating your fat loss, and many other subjects to help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • You will receive a free copy of the Bully Xtreme tracking software where you will be able to record your workouts and your results. With this software you will see full-color graphs and charts of your progress to date.
  • Not only will you receive free coaching to help you achieve the results you want but, you will also have access to our library of online training videos. (Here you will easily be able to see how to perform each exercise for maximum results. You can even download them to your computer so that you may watch them at any time.)
  • You will get access to our complete Bully Xtreme audio training program. You can download these to your MP3 player or cell phone and listen to them as you workout, try to work, or any time to get additional motivation and information that will guarantee your success.
  • All this and more is part of the Bully Xtreme package.

Please Note:

The training manuals, nutrition guide, video, audio, and bonuses are digital downloads. You may download them to your computer or view them online.

They are not printed or physical products.

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Q: Hi, Can a woman use the Bully Xtreme? I don't want bulky--manly muscles?

A: Absolutely! The Bully Xtreme is for anyone any age. Using our system of exercising you will get the type of results you want. Forget special equipment that targets your inner thighs, hips and buns. With the Bully Xtreme lower body specialized training program (designed for women) you will easily have buns of steel and firm legs.

Using the Bully Xtreme system is incredibly easy. To tighten and strengthen your inner thighs and hips, simply place Bully Xtreme between your legs and squeeze.

For toned outer thighs and a shapelier buttocks, simply place your legs between the Bully Xtreme and push out. Bully Xtreme is also great for sculpting arms, shoulders, chest, stomach and back.

Fact is... most women and men will not be able to compress the Bully Xtreme at all when they first start out.

This is similar to doing isometric exercises against a tree or a door jam -- obviously both of those things will not move at all. However, continue doing the isometric exercises and you will begin to see your arms, chest, back, and shoulders becoming more toned and stronger.

What this all boils down to is... if you need to see the Bully Xtreme move then perform exercises that use the cables. However, rest assured that it is not necessary to actually move the bully to increase your strength.

This is why you are using isometrics -- the King of strength builders.

It will also help you develop a shapelier and sexier figure.
It's the fast, easy and inexpensive way to get in shape.

Q: Where is the Bully Xtreme "Power Meter" and how do I use it?

A:  The "Power Meter" ((PM) is an amazing and simple way to measure your strength gains. The major disadvantage of doing Isometrics is that there is no way to measure your progress. This can be rather un-motivating since we all like to know how we are doing. With the PM you will be able to see and feel your muscles as they grow bigger, stronger and more powerful.

The numbers on the power meter range from 0 to 120 on each side. This allows you to gauge your strength gains for each side of your body, so one side doesn't lag behind another. (please note the numbers on the power meter have no bearing on actual amount of resistance used, they are simply a "yard stick" of your progress.)

Q: Does the Bully Xtreme allow me to workout all the muscle groups?

The Bully Xtreme offers you more than 82 health club quality type exercises. That's almost 40 more and 50 more exercises than the Bullworker classic and the ISO7X respectively.

With the Bully Xtreme you'll be able to work out your arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs, calves, hamstrings, as well as your abductors and inductors muscles.

Furthermore, there is even one exercise that you can do for your neck. Although, neck exercises are more easily and safely done using just a free hand isometric exercise.

Here is a picture to guide you:

NOTE: Before beginning this or any exercise program,
please consult with your physician.