Everlast Power Bow Review

Is This Bullworker Type
Exerciser Worth the Money?

Have you heard about the Everlast Power Bow?

In this Everlast Power Bow Review, I will attempt to give you all the facts about this isometric exerciser. The Power Bow also known as, The Chest Toner.

When you first look at it seems rather strange. If you have read my Bully Xtreme review then you might believe at first glance, that the Everlast Powerbow is a similar product. That would be a mistake.

Here are the facts about
the Everlast Power Bow

  • Manufactured in Taiwan
  • Sold by Everlast Worldwide (the Boxing Equipment Supplier)
  • Completely Made of Plastic
  • Does not use cable uses fiber rods for the resistance
  • It does not come with an exercise guide, and only 10 exercises are on the handles.
  • No internal spring for resistance (fiber rods provide all the resistance)
  • Weighs less than 3 pounds
  • Great for upper body but, can be used for entire body workout. (Although very limited because of the fiber rods)

Overall, I am not impressed very much with this product.

For another 20 or $30 you can purchase a much better made Isometric Exerciser or a good quality set of resistance bands. If you are looking for Isometric Exercise Equipment, there are other low-priced choices. Remember, the exercise equipment you use needs to help you accomplish your fitness or bodybuilding goals.

Beter Isometric Exercise Equipment

Many other isometric exercisers on the market today will allow you to perform more than 82 exercises. Even the lowly resistance bands, with the right attachment, will allow you to perform up to 80 exercises. In addition, the resistance you get from this product is very weak!

The unit itself does not seem to be durable and is very stiff when using it. Like with everything else... take some time and research your choices. Although, I have not seen too many Everlast Power Bow reviews, do your research.

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