Chuck Liddell Banned from UFC Fighting by Dana White

Dana White Kicks Liddell
When He's Down?

Chuck Liddell UFC fighter, is becoming best friends with the canvas in the UFC octagon lately! He was knocked out again last night, this time by... Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

Dana White, president of the UFC, has taken it upon himself to make the decision for Chuck Liddell. Dana commented after the fight... "You're not going to see Chuck Liddell on the canvas again. At the end of the day, I care about these guys. I don't want to see anybody stick around too long."

Chuck Liddell knocked out by Shogun

That's pretty much a retirement party or a banning from UFC fighting. And in the mixed martial arts world, to make any money, the UFC is the only place to go!

I don't know if I agree with Dana White.

Many fighters have a bad night and especially in mixed martial arts, your gloves really DON'T provide any protection against those bone crushing punches that most mixed martial arts fighters and especially Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, can deliver!

It seems the days of the old UFC superstars is coming to an end. They all have gone down in the ring... Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock and the list is growing.

Chuck Liddell UFC fighter

I hate to see Chuck go but, I understand what Dana White is saying.

After recently seeing a videotape of Muhammed Ali, as he appeared five years ago, you can easily see the effects of too many punches to the head. Fortunately, UFC fighters because of the light weight of the gloves, don't take the same amount of punches as a boxer does.

If Dana White does ban Chuck Liddell from fighting or forces him to retire, I would only hope that he can find him a place in the UFC.

Chuck Liddell UFC 97 poster

Chuck Liddell Last Fight

Charles David Liddell, a.k.a. Chuck Liddell, also known as the ... "The Iceman," has been fighting in the UFC since 1998, has been credited along with Randy Couture, for bringing mixed martial arts to the mainstream of USA entertainment and sports.

Chuck, was always best-known for his standup fighting skills and because of his wrestling background, his takedown defenses. Never much of a submission specialist but, more of a "Ground and Pound Fighter."

Chuck Liddell UFC Record

Chuck's first Ultimate Fighting Championship fight was against Noe Hernandez, where he beat him by a decision in 1998. Next up was Jeremy Horn, to whom he lost due to a submission.

chuck liddell mma record

Finally in 2002, Chuck was considered one of the top contenders for the light heavyweight title. Unfortunately, that fight never took place against Tito Ortiz, who was then the champion.

Liddell finally took the light heavyweight title away from Tito Ortiz in UFC 47, in a very controversial fight, according to Tito. This created some bad blood between Liddell and Ortiz but, they would not meet again until years later.

In times past Spartan warriors died on the battlefield. I guess it's appropriate for today's UFC Warriors to... retire on the canvas.

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