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How to Use Supersets in
Your Chest Expander Exercises

We are continuing our discussion of the best chest exercises and the best chest workouts. As we have already discussed supersets are excellent techniques for building chest size, definition and strength in a very short period.

Using Supersets with Your
Chest Expander Exercises

When you perform, two exercises in a row with no rest in between, it will reduce the amount of weight/resistance that you can handle, particularly on the second movement. Your strength will also decrease from fatigue and lactic acid buildup with each subsequent superset.

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Because Supersets do not allow you to use maximal resistance, they are definitely best for body building and body shaping. Therefore, is not a good idea to use supersets in your strength training workout.

One of the major advantages of using an isometric exerciser like the Bully Xtreme is that you can use it like a chest expander. You can grasp the cables and pull them the same way you would with a chest expander.

The major difference is that you do not need to add more resistance bands or switch to a stronger exercise bands since the resistance in the Bully Xtreme is built-in. This makes it ideal for supersets and circuit training.

We will discuss circuit training in a future article. Let us go back and discover the best way to use supersets in our chest workouts. You may be asking yourself "why I should use supersets then?"

There are 3 primary advantages superset's have over conventional straight sets:

  • Supersets Save You Time - By quickly moving from one exercise to another you can reduce your workout time by at least 30 to 35%. Let's face it every single one of us can use some extra free time. However, you are not shortcutting your workout you are actually increasing the intensity of the workout by using supersets in your chest workouts.
  • Supersets Increase Intensity - Usually when you think of high intensity, you think of longer Isometric holds, forced reps, descending sets, and negative reps. Supersets are simply another method of increasing intensity.
  • Shortening the Rest between Sets Is Hard Work - This is especially difficult when using heavy resistance and are accustomed to long rest intervals.
  • Prevents Injuries - Using supersets in your chest workout will help you avoid injuries. Because of the high-intensity, nature of this type of training you will not be able to use as much weight. Heavy weights oftentimes lead to injury. Supersets are an excellent technique to increase the intensity or stress on the muscle without the risk of injury

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