Bruce Lee Isometric Exercise

WARNING: If You Are Looking To Build The Power, Speed And Physique That Bruce Lee Developed You Need To Learn About His Secret Exercise Device. Read on and Discover The...

Bruce Lee Isometric Exercise

The Truth About Bruce Lee's
Isometric Exercise Equipment

If you are looking for the Bruce Lee isometric exercise program, then grab a chair and read every single word of this report because this is exactly what you been looking for.

Perhaps like me, you grew up watching Bruce Lee movies, and always admired his lean, ripped muscularity and V-tapered body. like so many others Bruce Lee motivated me to become involved in martial arts. In fact, I have a scar on my chin to remind me of my nunchuck training.

I wanted to have the power, strength and muscularity that was Bruce Lee!

Similar to him, after my own free weights injury, I looked for other methods to use in my training. That's when I discovered an old expired patent for a device that Bruce Lee used in his isometric training. Along with resistance bands these were the keystone exercisers that he used after his weightlifting accident.


It's not the only device Bruce Lee used, but I believe, because it's portable and easy to use that he incorporated it a great deal into his training and workout programs.

In fact, I found an old manuscript that showed pictures and a description of how Bruce Lee used this isometric training device.

If you would like to build super strength, killer abs and a lean, muscular body. Then you need to check out this Bruce Lee like, isometric exercise home gym.

Here's the story:

My name is Frank Sherrill and for over 30 years I have been active in the fitness, bodybuilding, martial arts and personal training industry.

During that time I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with almost all the top bodybuilders. From local and regional competitors to Mr. America, Mr. Universe and many Mr. Olympia winners.

I have trained with top Gracie/ Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts experts... names like Craig Kukuk, Renzo Gracie, Royler Gracie, Dave Adiv and Royce Gracie. I don't throw these names around to impress you, but to impress upon you the depth of my understanding of this subject.

Why should all that matter to you?

Having the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of these sports for so long, I have discovered, interviewed, cajoled... in certain cases... downright bribed all these incredible bodybuilders and mixed martial artists into revealing their ...result getting, deeply guarded secrets for building their amazing strength, conditioning and extraordinary physiques!

And sharing these valuable muscle building secrets with you is not just my job…

It's My Life Long Passion

Bruce Lee isometric exercises

And I was perhaps... where you are. I was more than 35 pounds overweight... blood pressure was 160 over 110... cholesterol was 260. I was truly a "HEART ATTACK" waiting to happen!

I was disgustingly embarrassed to take my shirt off in my own house... forget on the beach! Friends would often poke me in the stomach and ask "Are you PREGNANT?"... ha ha-- I would laugh... PAINFULLY!

I was recently divorced... STRESSED OUT... and a complete basket case!

I was out of control and didn't know what to do. My motivation was completely gone! Except for the pills... potions and exercise gizmos I would see on late night TV!

I had no clue!

Then I discovered something so powerful, it changed my life forever! I got the quick fitness results... I only dreamed of!

In this letter, you will find step-by-step tips, tricks and techniques to build a rock hard muscular body and lean body. Whether you're a man or woman, anyone almost any age can achieve outstanding results.

And without spending a fortune on expensive home gyms or fancy exercise "gizmos!"

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The Strength, Power And Lighting Fast
Speed Of ... Bruce Lee!

While browsing thru a used book store I ran across a book about Bruce Lee, the martial artist and movie actor. This book contained some astonishing information about Bruce Lee isometric exercise training methods.

I was blown away by some of the discoveries he had made on how to "safely" build muscle and strength without using free weights and some of the modifications he made to using isometric exercise. Man, just what I was looking for!

The "Secret" To My Success Was
Hiding in This Old and Dusty Book

Let me tell you the quick story...

As the story goes, after Bruce Lee injured his back training with free weights, he researched and finally discovered different techniques and equipment to help him build greater muscle, speed and strength.

While browsing through a used bookstore, I stumbled across an old manuscript that described Bruce Lee's strength, speed and power workout.

In that manuscript there was a copy of an article written by one of Bruce's top students.

He had written down exactly how Bruce Lee trained and illustrated in detail his training and the equipment he used.

The article referred to an Isometric exercise, Static Contraction training device that was responsible for Bruce Lee's incredible body and lighting fast speed.

You see, Bruce Lee had tried every free hand Isometric exercise there was, but the problem is, there's no real way of measuring your strength gains and you cannot apply scientifically proven principle of progressive resistance. Though

For example, one isometric chest exercise consists of taking your two hands and compressing the palms together.

Take a look below and try it out, right now if you can.

Stop And Try This Quick Example

Isometric Chest Compression Exercise

  • Place your arms out in front of you... chest high.
  • Bend your elbows in an "L" shape. Interlock your fingers and press your palms together
  • Squeeze your palms together as hard as you can. Hold the compression to the count of 10. Your hands may shake, that's perfectly normal.
  • Can you feel the tension in you arms, shoulders and chest?
This type of Isometric exercise has been scientifically proven to increase strength by up to 5% per week!
**(Dr. Hettinger And Dr. Mueller)

That's right per WEEK!

But, is there any way to make it even more effective and how do you know if you are getting stronger?

That's what Bruce Leemust have asked himself.  He was always looking to make things better, faster and more effective. You see, Isometric exercise and training is one of the best ways to increase muscle size and strength and you can't increase the resistance.

The major disadvantage is that there is really no way of measuring your progress. That is the problem with freehand isometric exercise.

This has been it's biggest drawback for years. Also the number of isometric exercises you can do is very limited.  So how can you make it more effective?


Well take a look at the picture to your right...You can see the same isometric chest exercise as the... Isometric hand press, from earlier.

What's the difference, you ask? Oh, only
When did the about 1,000%!

The results using this type of isometric exercise device are absolutely mind blowing and if you're still doing freehand isometric exercise, or if you have not included isometrics, as part of your training protocol, than you're losing out on a critical strategy for building muscle size and strength.


Why is it 1000% MORE Effective? Well...

  • The "Patented" BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Power Meter determines at any time your increasing strength level. So you can see and feel yourself getting bigger and stronger. It also gives you the on-going motivation and feedback needed to keep the workouts fun and
    result getting.
  • The "Resistance Cylinder" on the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM goes from five to 600 pounds of resistance.* More than what the Strongest Gorilla needs. Yet anyone, any age can quickly use it. Yet,it allows you to smoothly move from one exercise to the next in an almost continuous flow. As pressure is applied, the resistance cylinder increases the resistance level dynamically over the entire range of motion!
  • Portable... it can be taken ANYWHERE... get in a quick and effective Isometric workout. 5 minutes is all that's needed!
  • More Than 82 simple, yet effective exercises anyone can do to quickly target every muscle group... you only need 7 to build an amazing lean body. you will never get bored. You can change your workout from week to week and never stop getting results!

You might be thinking to yourself, "Well if Isometrics or Static contractions are so simple and effective whom else has used them?

Here's a "Who's Who of Isometrics." Can you recognize some of the names?

Isometric Training Is Responsible
For The Amazing Results Of...

  • The GREATEST Mohamed Ali practiced Isometrics as part of his boxing training.
  • The Austrian Oak Arnold Schwarzenegger applied the principles of Isometrics in his "X-factor Training.
  • Baseball Hall Of Famer and Star Home Run Hitter... Joe DiMaggio.
  • The fast as lightening speed and powerful knockout strength of "Joe Louis" the Brown Bomber!
  • Of course the lean, muscular and V-tapered physique of
    Bruce Lee.
  • The incredible stamina and legendary strength of the Indian Wrestler The Great Gama. (undefeated in over 5,000 battles!)
  • The unbelievable definition and superb muscularity of the worlds greatest gymnasts.
  • The Gold Medal US Olympic Power lifter "Bill March"
  • The tight toned physiques of great dancers
  • The East German and Russian Athletes during the Olympics.
  • The father of Isometrics... Alexander Zass
  • Isometrics is the original principal upon which Yoga and Pilate's are based on!

In Fact The Benefits Of Isometrics
 Have Also Been Used In...

Arnold Schwartzenegger

web md

Why Should I Also Do Strengthening Exercises?

Some people with arthritis avoid exercise because of joint pain. However, a group of exercises called "isometrics" will help strengthen muscles without bending painful joints. Isometrics involve no joint movement but rather strengthen muscle groups by using an alternating series of isolated muscle flexes and periods of relaxation.

  • Isometrics and The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Have Been Heralded For It's Use In Arthritis Patients.

    It's Amazing Benefits Have been Raved About In Newspapers For It's Quick and Easy Muscle Building Effect! Time Magazine in "Without Moving A Muscle" highlighted Isometric exercise and training as... "An incredible weapon against fighting old age, loss of muscle and bone density." It pointed out ...

    "Walk 30 minutes every day. Stretch. Do yoga. Pilate's. Aerobics. Isometrics. Burning off calories is as effective as reducing their intake!
    -- "
    Joann E. Manson, MD, Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School, and Chief Preventive Medicine Brigham & Women's Hospital
  • The Green Bay Packers were one of the first major pro football teams to adopt isometric exercise, and some credit the exercises for their brilliant seasons in 1961 and 1962, after which other teams caught on—and caught up!
  • In The Ulster Herald They Pointed Out the many quick benefits of using Isometric exercise to strengthen your knees... especially after surgery (the major point was that you can't hurt yourself because there is no weight too hurt you.)
  • And many more too numerous to list.

"Can You Really Build A Super Strong
Body In Just... 5 Minutes?"

But what is this breakthrough "Revolutionary" home gym that can super charge your workout for maximum strength and muscle growth?

The device was called... Tensolator.

Based on recent research and the opinion of many others, the way Bruce Lee looked in the movies and TV, was in large part due to his Isometric exercise, Static Contraction training with this revolutionary isometric training device.

Bruce Lee created a "Tensolator" isometric exercise training program that was light years ahead of it's time. He also shed a powerful light on the dangers of the old Isometrics training program.

But I'll tell you more about that a
little later.

In a moment, I'll show you how you can get a COMPLIMENTARY copy of the article I discovered that explained all of Bruce Lee training secrets.

And also how he applied the Tensolator training to achieve some amazing feats of strength and speed!

Although Bruce Lee felt strength was important, he didn't believe that bodybuilding was the answer.

He believed it was important to have definition, and you didn't have to go overboard like many of today's pro bodybuilders.

Look, if you want be freakishly muscled and can barely walk because of the sheer unsightly muscle bulk, you're welcome to it!

Strength and having a muscular body were very important to Bruce Lee, buthis goal was to have a functional body too. Similar to a gymnast, a world class athlete or a superbly trained Special Forces combat soldier he wanted strength, endurance and muscularity.

Bruce Lee was known for his incredible skill, deadly speed, and his... astonishing strength.

Weighting less than 150 lbs... his feats of strength are now legendary!

You'll Quickly Get Amazing Speed,
Power & Muscles Too!

You didn't see the bloated, over bearing muscle, what you saw was a defined, V-tapered, well muscled, rock hard and functional body!

Granted Bruce could have used more size, and for him the objective was speed and strength, not just pretty looks!

Hey look, there's nothing wrong with looking "buff" it's all about your individual goals! That's what's great about the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM with it, you can reach any fitness goal you have.

Bruce Lee Images

bruce lee kick

Whether you want a body like Bruce Lee or if you're like me and want to have a ripped, well muscled and shredded fitness model or bodybuilder "look", it's all a matter of the right training program.

With the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM... you pick and choose what you want and we give you the...  step-by-step training system to get you there!

Bruce Lee's physique was once described, by no less an authority on such matters than bodybuilding magnate, Joe Weider as "the most defined body I have ever seen!

It's Scientifically Proven To Get Quick Results!

After 12 years of searching and researching...

Bully Xtreme is a revolutionary trademarked "ISO-SYNERGISTIC"" home gym and training system, that replaces... dumbbells, exercise bands, resistance bands, cable machines and expensive health clubs.

Along with a breakthrough training program that only needs 21 minutes per week to dramatically transform you into a well muscled, V-tapered and healthy body at a fraction of the cost of home gyms or health clubs.

The "BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Gym" designed for more muscle building exercises and greater resistance than other exercise devices on the market today!

Bar none... was born.

The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM gives you the best aspects of a cable machine or resistance bands. As well as the ability to "compress" the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM for a mind-blowing, muscle pumping complete body workout in 21 minutes or less per WEEK!

Just 7 Easy-To-Perform Exercises
Quickly Build A Power-Packed Body
In Only... 70 Seconds A Day!

Anything you can do with Bowflex, Total Gym, Bioforce TNT, resistance bands, cables, dumbbells or barbells can be duplicated with the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Gym... quicker, easier and better!

There's no adding power rods, extra bands or plates. It's all self-contained. You can easily and quickly go from one exercise to another in mere seconds.

This simply makes the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Gym the premier circuit training workout you could ever have.

So, whatever your fitness goals are...

  • To Easily Gain Muscle Size/Weight
  • Add incredible muscle mass
  • Quickly Burn body fat
  • Dramatically and quickly Increase your strength
  • Develop Lighting fast speed

Whatever it is...

The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM... gets the job DONE!

Release your muscles from the shackles of less-than stellar growth and prepare to experience unrestricted gains in muscle size and strength with the world's most powerful gene-activating training breakthrough... The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Gym!

Whether you were issued the out of luck... "hard gainer" set of genes or you're genetically gifted... BULLY XTREME HOME GYM training is capable of maximizing the genetic muscle building potential of anyone!

Let me just quickly recap… the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 3 is an...

Easy To Use Portable Home Gym

  • Super Maximum Resistance: In one easy to use muscle building piece of equipment. BULLY XTREME HOME GYM gives you resistance, or weight, that feels as good or better than free weights, and without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights

    The correct size and ergonomic design of the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM allows you to have variety in your training by offering you more than 82 health club type exercises.

  • Quickly Melt Inches From Your Waistline: Whether you want to tone your abdominal's, strengthen your core or melt inches from your waistline, you will absolutely love the results you will achieve with the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM.(with over 12 stomach chiseling exercises)

  • An Easy, Comfortable Workout: The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM exercises can be performed comfortably while sitting at your desk, in front of the TV or on your couch. The gentle movements increase your muscle size and strength every time you work out. And with 3 levels of training, the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM is perfect for exercise beginners and pros alike.

  • Stronger Steel Cables: They are sealed at 25 tons of pressure making them virtually "unbreakable" and covered with a thick comfortable plastic that won't "cut" into your hands while working out.

  • More Than 82 Amazing Muscle Pumping Health Club Type Exercises: Gaining incredible strength and muscle mass is no longer a problem! Turn any corner into a health club. The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM targets every muscle group. Only 7 magical exercises... that require only 70 seconds are needed for quick, easy and guaranteed results.

  • Extremely Simple And Portable... You Can Take It Anywhere: It weighs less than 5 Lbs. Saves you tons of time and money! No driving to and from the gym, no long lines to wait. Just take it to work, on vacation anywhere and get the most incredible workout of your life. No more excuses! Workouts are now fun, quick and easy.

  • Comfortable High Density Handles: No need for workout gloves. These handles were designed with your comfort in mind.

  • Unbelievable Lifetime Warranty: The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2 Home Gym is precisely manufactured under the highest quality control measures and then tested 4 separate times to guarantee quality and durability.

    We are so confident about the construction of the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2™ Home Gym that we warranty it against defects, for the life of the original purchaser.

    That’s right, should anything happen to cause the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2™ to not work properly, simply return it and we’ll replace your BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2™ absolutely at NO-CHARGE! Only pay a small shipping and handling fee. 

  • Men, Women and Senior Citizens: With this easy to use step-by-step training program, anyone, any age can get a complete muscle toning, muscle crunching workout in just 5 minutes! 

  • And you get a brand new and "revolutionary" muscle building, fat sucking training program, that will knock the fat right off of your problem areas!

Well... later on when you see the more than 30 bonuses that are available for you .. simple to use software that does all the fat loss and meal plan calculations to guarantee you get maximum results... it's a no-brainer... you will see why so many people are getting quick results... like Robert, Lisa, Mark and thousands of others.

I poured out everything, all the shortcuts and "closely guarded secrets" from...

Natural Bodybuilders, Power Lifters, Strongman Training routines, all the latest knowledge about Isometrics, Isotonic's, Static Contraction, Max Contraction Principles, Dynamic Tension and Bruce Lee's "Secret" Tensolator isometric exercise and training program... into the Revolutionary BULLY XTREME HOME GYM training program.

Along with all the latest knowledge, tips, tricks and "inside secrets" that top bodybuilders have added. You will get... the most effective strength gaining, fat burning, stomach chiseling, kick butt and take no names training system and home gym ever developed.

You think I’m lying, don’t you?

Well check out my amazing results using the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM training program...

Here's My Results...
In Less Than 30 Days


Quickly increased my strength by 200% in all the exercises... in less than 28 days!


Dropped 12 lbs of Pure body fat and 3 pant sizes! My chest is chiseled and hard... I'm no longer embarrassed about taking off my shirt...
even in the house!


Added more than an inch of muscle size to my Biceps.


My abs are so ripped I can grate cheese on them.


Burned fat and blow-torched off my excess body weight so quickly that I could eat more than I normally did and I still look better.


Packed and chiseled functional 3 inches of powerful muscle onto my legs, chest and back!


211% increase in thigh strength and flexibility... and did so without needing separate workouts for each. Who cares about bigger and stronger guys!


Quadrupled my endurance in less than 29 days. I NEVER get tired!


The chronic back and shoulder pain from years of heavy squats, dead lifts and bench pressing went away within a couple weeks. And much of that pain had been with me for nearly 10 years. It's GONE!


I sleep like a log. Eight hours of deep recharging sleep is no longer a goal. It's automatic. As soon as I hit the pillow I'm out like a light.


Train anywhere! I don't need more than a few square feet of carpet or pavement and I'm all set. I have absolutely no excuses and my body loves me for it.


Developed an explosive type of strength that weights couldn't give me.


My speed and movements are super fast even when... screwing around.


My grip strength is "off the hook!" When I shake someone's hand they know what I'm talking about.


My muscles are like a pliable and powerful tiger - ready to pounce on prey in a heartbeat!


My sex life has IMPROVED dramatically.. I feel and act better than a 20 year-old!


For the first time in years, I look forward to wearing tight or revealing shirts.


Excess fat on my chest has disappeared and transformed into hard muscular steel... no more "Man Boobs!"

Now here's the thing... You can do it too!

Bully Xtreme2 Home Gym
Bully Xtreme Kung Fu

Hard to believe that a piece of equipment weighing less than 5 pounds can deliver the guaranteed results that I am talking about... Right?

Well at one time you needed a room full of machines to have the same computing power that you have in your hands today...

Most people are conditioned to believe that to get real results you need a lot of "fancy" equipment to really... "PACK ON" the muscle... right?

And that you have to spend hours in the gym or working out. Well that's...WRONG!

Anything that can be done in an expensive health club or fancy home gym... you can easily do at home or on the road, better, faster and safer with the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2 Home Gym. Take a look below at a small sample of the variety of exercises that can be quickly and easily performed. With more than 82 exercises you can see why we guarantee... you will never be bored!

Lets do some quick math...

Around my neck of the woods a membership to Gold's Gym, New York Sports Club or even a local "NO NAME" health club runs about $70 bucks. That's $840 dollars a year. Over a 5 year period you would spend...

I Don't know about you...
but that's a lot of money!

The Bully Xtreme Home Gym is a quick, easy, affordable and FOOL PROOF system to build muscle and shed body fat, but at a fraction of the cost of a Bowflex, Total Gym or health club membership.

Bullworker Wall Chart

The Bully Xtreme 2 is a revolutionary... breakthrough way to work your lower, upper, middle abs and even your sides, giving you the flat stomach, and body that you’ve always wanted.

In 5 minutes a day, the Bully Xtreme will blast your abs from flab to fab!

As well as a complete body program that only takes 21 minutes per week!

Bullworker Abs
bully Xtreme
bully Xtreme
bully Xtreme
bully Xtreme
bully Xtreme
bully Xtreme
bully Xtreme

Unlike body weight exercises, traditional Isometrics, or Static Contraction where you don't know how much resistance you are using.  BULLY XTREME HOME GYM's patented "BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Power Meter" shows you, every time--your current strength level...

With the complete, BULLY XTREME HOME GYM you don't have to think about anything, you just follow the step-by-step plan.  It's all laid out for you, there's no guess work involved, no reinventing the wheel excavation point

If you are looking for...

  • Baseball Size Bulging Biceps And Striated Triceps: Imagine having
    muscular arms that women just want to hang on to and drool over, with over 15 arm chiseling exercises, having them now... is a breeze.  

  • A Massive Defined Chest In No Time: With over 6 exercises that target your entire chest, you will be able to quickly build a sculpted chest in a way that's not possible with free weights or resistance bands.  

  • Barn Door Wide Shoulders: BULLY XTREME HOME GYM simply works your shoulder muscle in a way never thought possible. You will see your shoulders "blow up" giving you that broad shouldered look we all strive for, with 9 different muscle packing exercises.

  • Quickly And Easily Develop Washboard 6 Pack Abs: You will get washboard abs and never leave your "easy chair." With over 9 exercises that allow you to hone in on this most important muscle. Imagine having a flat midsection this summer, but without the stress and strain of doing
    sit ups.

  • Strengthen And Build A V-Tapered back: Imagine having that wide, well muscled back of an Olympic Gymnast. Without lifting a thing and at the same time get rid of all those nagging aches and back pains. Put an end to pain forever with over 12 exercises for this all important body part.

  •  Lazy Man's Way To A Fit Body: Over 29 exercises alone, that can be done at your desk at work or at home while relaxing or watching TV. You can even get in shape in front of your computer!

  • Tree Trunk Thighs And Calves: Create a set of ripped thighs, hamstrings and diamond shaped muscular calves with over 8 exercises!

  • Scientifically proven exercise system: Not some outdated, old fashioned training program. You get the latest, most effective breakthrough training program that science has discovered and... I GUARANTEE IT!

Ok Frank, But What EXACTLY Do
I Get With Your Home Gym?

Along with the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2 Home Gym... I have also put together a complete package to get you started on the road to gaining muscle mass quickly and guide you along the way. I'll teach you all you need to know... step-by-step!

Bonus #1:

BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Muscle-Up Training System

You get the breakthrough " ISO-SYNERGY" Training program with more than 50 pages... it gives you all the scientifically tested and proven training protocols, concepts, and simple techniques of super rapid muscle growth.

You will discover ALL the "Super Secret" techniques necessary to get in lean, muscular shape fast!

"Iso-Synergy" utilizes the most effective methods, guaranteed to pack on 15 to 20 pounds of solid rock hard muscle... in less than 9 short weeks!

  • Discover the 4 critical components that MUST be part of any result producing training program. They will absolutely guarantee success!

  • Shortcut "secrets" to a bodybuilders mentality. Imagine wanting to workout out without having to use will power!

  • Exactly which exercises you must do to build muscle easily!

  • Discover the latest and BREAKTHROUGH training methods to quickly add muscle size and mass, even if you never gain muscle size before!


Discover the secret training program of Bruce Lee and why this is an amazing, result guaranteed way to workout for fast muscle growth.


10 reasons why the way you're training now may just, put you in the hospital!


Uncover the latest and most advanced training method to add muscle size and mass... FAST!


Why certain group exercise classes and athletic activities are not effective fat burners (if you're taking classes and not seeing results - you need to know this!)


3 Iso-Synergy training programs designed to work with anyone's busy schedule or experience level... plus a "Conservative" 5 minutes 3 times per week routine for "time-crunched" people who can't train as often as they'd like to.

YOU pick the routine you want... its all mapped out for you day by day, step by step in our instructional manual!


The complete psychology of gaining muscle! Goal setting and motivational tactics that program your subconscious
mind for massive success.

Follow this effortless "Mental Training Formula" and you will be practically "hypnotized" into working-out properly and consistently. These are the same techniques that NFL, NBA, MLB and Olympic champions pay sports psychologists hundreds of dollars an hour to find out about.


Be Aware, The Game Has Changed... The recently discovered psychological reason why most people sabotage themselves. Just when the exercise program is beginning to payoff in results. Discover how to make sure this never happens to you! 


A powerful secret technique that will pack an inch of muscle on your arms in 14 days. A foolproof way to build a striated, muscular chest.


The Number 1 rule that you can not violate in Isometrics and Static Contraction training. 


Discover the Most Amazing Methods For Creating Huge Amounts of Hard,Ripped and Sculpted Muscle Quickly And Naturally!


Discover how using this simple technique, before and after your workout, adds up to 25 lbs. of rock-hard muscle to your body in just 12 weeks. If you're fed up with being scrawny, this little-known technique helps you pack on more muscle. Never be embarrassed taking your shirt off! (it's so simple, it will completely surprise you!)


Finally uncover the proven rep and set range guaranteed to skyrocket your muscle and strength gains. And it's NOT the ineffective, 3-sets-of-10 you may be doing now. In fact, this one small change in your routine is the SINGLE most important thing you can do to gain muscle and guarantees a killer result producing workout every single time! (Most people do this completely wrong)


Unlock the 3 critical key areas of a workout routine you MUST focus on to achieve maximum muscle gains and
serious definition in less time. Feel better, gain more confidence and be more respected. Increase your sex appeal
and get noticed by the man or woman of your dreams!!


Destroy stress and tension caused by work! Working out reduces and relieves neck and back tension caused by stress after a busy work day. Learn the 5 most effective ways to work out and get rid of stress!


Learn how a 30-minute window of opportunity, before and after your workout, can add up to 25 lbs. of muscle to your frame in only 12 weeks. This one simple idea gives you a ton more muscle!

Bonus #2

BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Nutrition And Fat Loss Manual

This more than 179 page manual (eBook format) gives all the latest information to get a completely ripped and defined 6 pack abs!

Here is the "bible" of nutritional and fat burning information. What exact foods to eat and most importantly... what not to eat!

Carb's, no carb's, how to easily measure your body fat... should you do cardio, what is the most effective way to do cardio and much, much, more.

This e-book alone will "double" your fat burning ability!  

burn fat

Here's A Small Sample Of
The Things you will Discover!


Why there's so much conflicting advice on training and nutrition & how you can save money from uncovering... instantly the marketing hype, false advertising, phony weight loss claims and B. S.


How to break through any fat loss plateau - even if you've been stuck at the same weight for years! 10 fool-proof methods that work like magic every time.


Why dieting below your critical calorie level can cause serious damage to your metabolism and actually make you fatter! (and how to know when you're in the danger zone)...also, the precise calculations for your optimal calorie level (it's different for everyone - copy someone else and you will fail)


How to eat 50% more calories without storing an ounce as fat - It's true - you can actually eat more food while losing more fat using this simple, but often overlooked strategy.


Important lessons revealed to you from the Zone and Atkins diet ...including the reasons why most people fail on both of these diets in the long run.


Dozens of the best-kept fat loss secrets of bodybuilders and fitness models that almost NOBODY knows about ...compiled by a 14-year, rare study of the most "ripped" athletes on earth.


The three critical factors that determine whether you will lose muscle while dieting...and how the slightest nutritional "tweak" can guarantee you keep every ounce of precious lean body mass while you're dieting.


What to do when you've tried everything and the stubborn fat still won't come off! (this is one of the little-known tactics bodybuilders and fitness models use in the final weeks before competitions)


Power up your diet... all you need for a better body. 200 top foods... supplements on a budget... 31 key strategies!

Value: $39.95 - Yours FREE!

Bonus #3

iPOD Ready MP3 training:  
Building An Incredible
Body Quickly

bully xtreme nutrition manual

Building An Incredible Body Quickly is an online (mp3) audio course containing over 1.5 hours of no-nonsense, muscle building information. This audio installments is designed so that it can be quickly downloaded from the web site.

In this audio program I go into step-by-step detail and give you all the information, tips and tricks on using your BULLY XTREME HOME GYM to quickly and easily build that "killer" body!

I walk you thru the proper use of Isometric Training and show you how to avoid all the muscle-building mistakes that almost all weight lifters and isometric training trainees make and how you can avoid them to make the best gains in muscle size and strength that you possibly can.

Each audio session gives you the most up-to-date information on building each part of your body! Need bigger arms?

I'll walk you thru cutting edge techniques that will easily put an inch of muscle on your arms in less than 28 days!

You can enjoy this course on your computer or easily burn it to a IPOD or CD. You can  listen to it on the way to work, or just
about anywhere!

Value: $39.95 - Yours FREE!

Incredible Muscle Growth...
And These Crystal Clear Videos
Will  Show You How!

Bonus #4

Video Lesson Series

Discover the exact step-by-step exercises of how to train each specific muscle group by watching this Online Video Lesson. The entire video contains in-depth tips and tricks for maximizing your muscle gains in your chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs
and abs.

bully core

Here's Just A Small Sample
Of Things you will Discover ...


The most successful BULLY XTREME HOME GYM, growth-producing exercises for each body part.


The exact number of sets and reps that will help you blow thru any training plateau.


Simple mistakes that everyone makes and how to avoid them.


How to combine all of these tips into the most effective Isometric workouts possible.


Use our exclusive P.I.C.E. advanced training system to maximize your gains quickly and easily.


And much more!

You can watch the video online or easily save it to your computer to watch whenever...

Value: $39.95 - Yours FREE!

11 More Super Hot Free Bonuses

Self Sabotage

Bonus #5

Stop Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals:  Discover the hidden reasons you sabotage your health and fitness goals!  You will discover the number 1 reason why you self sabotage your fitness goals and how you can change that in seconds!  The power packed secret to turbo charging your self image.  How to get, keep and explode your motivation and much more...
(Current Price $19.95 Yours Free!)

Think And Grow Rich

Bonus #6

Think And Grow Rich:  The Timeless Classic from Napoleon Hill!  This book has created more Billionaires then any other in history!
(Current Price $29.95 Yours Free!)


Bonus #7

The Most Incredible Stretching Routine:  From Beginner to Advanced this full color illustrated e-book will improve your posture and help relieve any back or muscle aches you might have!
(Current Price $19.95 Yours Free!)

Diet recipes

Bonus #8

Fat Burning Recipe Book:  Over 26 mouth watering recipes to help you eat right and stay lean! All the foods you love to eat, and instead of making you fatter, these secret recipes will "Burn The Fat Right Off Of Your Stomach!"
(Current Price $29.95 Yours Free!) 

six pack abs

Bonus #9

 BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Ab Blasting Exercises:  This full color e-book comes complete with pictures of all the different exercises.  I could not making losing your gut any simpler, short of wiring your jaw shut and sending you to a fat farm! In just 29 days bid farewell to that fat gut ...forever!
(Sells For $39.95 Yours Free!)

The Bruce Lee Collection

Outrageous Bonus # 10

Special Report On Bruce Lee's
Strength Training Secrets:

This is the information I found... see his exact Strength training program using a  Bully and other devices and exercise gizmos! Never before revealed anywhere! you will also discover astonishing "insider information" about his art and his philosophy.
(Sells For $39.95 Yours Free!)

Bruce Lee Kicks

Bruce Lee Speed

Tensolator Bruce Lee

Tensolator Exercise

Pictured Above Are Some Of The Pictures of the
"Secret" Bruce Lee Training Program I discovered

Bruce Lee Collection Bonuses

Bruce Lee Hagure

Bonus # 11

Hagakure: The Hidden Book Of Samurai: In this 55 page e-book you will uncover, The True Meaning Of "The Way Of The Samurai" and much more...
(Current Price $29.95 Yours Free!)

Dynamic Breathing

Bonus # 12

Wing Chung: Kung Fu  Advanced Breathing Techniques:  In this e-Book they reveal the 3 Super Easy Techniques that will forever change the way you exercise and much more...
(Current Price $19.95 Yours Free!)

Bruce Lee Speed Puching

Bonus # 13

Bruce Lee's Instant Speed Training Secrets: In this e-book you will master the hidden secrets of lighting fast punching speed. #1 Simple Technique That Can Increase Your Hand Speed Immediately, How To Throw The Fastest Punch in the west...The Exact Method Of Doing It and much more...
(Current Price $19.95 Yours Free!)

Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do

Bonus # 14

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Revisited:
In this 10 page e-book you will discover: The Startling Secret Of Why Bruce Lee Stopped Teaching The Martial Arts, The Lazy Mans Way To Master Jeet Kune Do..."Fighting Man's Exercise",  How Skill Is Not Enough To Make You Un-Stoppable And How You Can  Easily Master This Amazing Technique. And much more...
(Current Price $19.95 Yours Free!)

Bruce Lee Knock out Puncihng

Bonus # 15

Bruce Lee's Concepts & Principles Of Effective Fighting: "Discover The Secrets  Of The 3 Second Knockout.", "Uncover The Hidden Treasures Of Bruce Lee's Ultimate Fighting Style" and much more...
(Current Price $39.95 Yours Free!)

And here's just how confident I am. To get you motivated, for a limited time I'm prepared to throw in, absolutely free of charge!

Our Shame-Less Boatload Of Bribes!

Bonus #16  

The Complete Software Tool Box
You Need To Get The Job Done...

Muscle Building Tools

The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Progress Tracker is an innovative new piece of software that allows you to easily track virtually every single aspect of your muscle-building program in detail.

Fat Burning 

This easy to use software allows you to...

  • Effortlessly track your diet by logging the exact amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats that you consume each day.

  • Browse through an in-depth database containing full nutritional information on a variety of muscle-building foods.

  • Create customized meal plans and grocery shopping lists.

  • Evaluate your progress by tracking your body weight gains, body fat percentage, muscle measurements and strength increases.

  • How to create a training journal with your own personalized
    online blog.

Value: $39.95 - Yours FREE!


An Exclusive Circle of Achievers

A Support System Like No Other

The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Support Group is there for you to get your questions answered by our staff of professionals and your fellow BULLY XTREME HOME GYM users.

Bottom-line: The support is there to help you achieve your fitness goals

Bully Xtreme Owners Group
Workout Log

Full Color Training Log book

Track your workouts and gains.  Create your own custom workouts or edit the existing workouts I prepared for you. (And do it all in a snap!) With loads of additional full color pictures of exercises you can do. 

Print your own, never spend a dime for a workout book! (Current Price $19.95)

Burn Fat ebook

Bonus # 18

Bully Xtreme Bonus2Fat Burning/Cutting Up Software (Excel Format): Easily determine your body fat and lean muscle levels and helps you to calculate your IDEAL body fat levels...Men and Women.
(Current Price $19.95)

Bonus # 19

Bully Xtreme BonusBody Fat Tracking Software (Excel Format): Allows you to log and calculates where you are in relation to your body fat goal.  Display your progress visually on custom graphs. Keeps you motivated and never lets you forget!
(Current Price $29.95)


 New Outrageous Mega Bonus # 20

Bully Xtreme Mass Program

Bully Xtreme Super SizerBulking Up Software
(Excel Format)

For the guys that want to add mass and muscle FAST! Create your own diets easily based on your current weight and body fat levels (so it's truly custom-tailored)
(Current Price $29.95, yours FREE!)

Bully Xtreme Bulking Up Software

There’s No Hurry... You Go
Entirely At Your Own Pace

Outrageous Mega Bonus # 21


Bully Xtreme Software Fat BurnComplete Food Guide:

Fat, Calories and Carb's of just about every single food, including most Fast Food's. You can even add custom foods to the diet foods list. (Current  Price $39.95, yours FREE!)

Food Menus

46 Exclusive Bonus #22

*FREE Lifetime Manual Updates*


In addition to the Muscle Up training program e-book and all 22 bonus items, you will also receive free lifetime updates of the program. As I add even more sections and features to the manual, you can update your copy absolutely free for as long as you own it. If new supplements are introduced, new motivational chapters are added or if new features are included, you can simply download the updated version
free of charge!

Value: $24.95 - Yours FREE!

Your Private "Muscle Building Mentors"

What If You Also Get a
24/7 Personal Coach!


That's right... My Personal Coach is like having me with you... 24/7.

Have a diet question or need help "putting on muscle size?"

Just type it in and get an instant answer from me or our panel of fitness experts. This database and software is nearly 1.5 years in the making, packed with every question that Bully clients have ever asked us.

Value: $34.95 - Yours FREE!

Do You Have Questions on Exercises, Training, Nutrition, Supplements, Injuries, etc...?

Here's the best part... If you happen to have a question that hasn't been answered, myself or one of our experts will personally answer it for you. Then it gets added to our database.

This isn't an outdated piece of software... It's an ever-growing bank of muscle building knowledge! This bonus module alone is worth the price of the entire of the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM!

Your probably saying to yourself right now... "Darn... that's a lot of bonuses, why is Frank giving all this priceless "insider" information away?  Frank could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this information, videos, audio's, coaching... everything... and I would pay it!"

You know... you're RIGHT! I could charge more for all this entire package! 

What's important is that you have... all the tools to succeed. 

The BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2 does you no good sitting in some corner of your home collecting dust. So you will get everything you need to get those defined arms... the ripped 6 pack abs that the girls will just stop and stare at... the wide V-tapered back... the tireless legs and energy that lets you get things done. If you don't get results... I lose to.

But make no mistake about it… It'll do all that and to prove it...

Here's one of our many clients, Robert. Take a look below at his amazing before and after pictures.


Robert is in his 40's... as you can see Robert lost 36 pounds of fat from around his stomach. His posture (in the before picture is horrible... probably due to weak back muscles.)

Robert had some MAN BOOBS going on! They were caused by the extra body-fat and the wrong choices in foods. You can clearly see the bulging fat that as men... we store in our backs. Robert tells me he went from a 40 inch gut to a trim 30 inch waist. That's a 10 inch loss. Way to go Bob!

In the after picture you can clearly see his face is leaner...he looks younger.  You can even see the thickness in his arms from his BULLY XTREME HOME GYM "ISO-SYNERGY®" training program.

Arms alone have
increased over
2+ inches

Next to that is a recent picture that he sent me. Robert has been using the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM to dramatically increase his muscle size. As you can clearly see... his arms, shoulders, chest and V-tapered physique are just getting more muscular with the Advanced "ISO-SYNERGY®" Training Techniques!

What's more important is that Robert's cholesterol was over 267 and just after 90 days of exercising and using the secrets he discovered in the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM nutrition program his cholesterol dropped to 127 and without any medication of any kind.

Make no mistake about it the results you will get from this program will change your life for the better.

Listen, I'm not kidding around… to get results like Robert's you need to get the right piece of exercise equipment and training program.  But that's not all... far from it.

Here's more proof...

"They're Shell Shocked Over
Her Amazing Results!"

lisa isometric exercising

"A DRAMATIC Make Over!"

Lisa's lost over 34 pounds of fat from her stomach, hips and thighs.  At the same time she toned and firmed up her entire body.  In just 15 weeks she has increased her strength 304% in all the Bully movements... in fact she is just now getting ready to complete in a 10k Race for charity. 

Her body and attitude aren't the only things that changed.  She now has a boundless energy... you can't keep her still.  She goes out dancing twice a week and her relationships have done a complete 180 degree turnaround since she got on the Bully Xtreme program.

A recent job promotion tops it all off and she is planning a trip to Hawaii to "show off that HOT new body"  Lisa is a strong contender for winning the..."BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Hot Body 1k Challenge" (more about the challenge later)

"Well Here's the GOOD NEWS..."

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are several thousand more success stories like these... (I'll give you all the details in a minute on how Robert, Lisa and all the others have gotten incredible results like these.)

And to prove it, here is… Mark H. his recent BULLY XTREME HOME GYM training has really paid off.

He recently used the Bully Nutrition and Training Program to get in shape for his first Natural Teen Body Building Show.

Mark Isometric exercise

He Placed Second and WON The
"Most Muscular Back Award!"

Before I jump into the all the details, let me say this, applying the ISO-SYNERGY training program... eating right (it's so easy with the clear step-by-step instructions provided.) and being faithful to your training & who knows what kind of results you or any one else can achieve!

But I'm getting way ahead of myself...

"You will Get Success and RESULTS Easily!"

Let me explain what I mean. You see I have been successful at getting myself in phenomenal physical shape for most of my adult life. But, after leaving the service, I found myself getting into some horrible habits like, bad eating, drinking , and not working out.

As you might guess, I finally got so disgusted with myself that I joined a local gym and started training there. Like most folks, I discovered how to weight train by asking others what to do.

Early on I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with some of the countries top trailblazers in the field of "Natural Bodybuilding."

Let me share a secret with you... it was these guys that set me straight on what workouts to use, foods to eat that would quickly and easily slash my body fat levels.

Now, pay attention... this was done, without drugs or steroids of any kind.

These are Ordinary People Just
Like You, Average Guys And Gals!

They were unhappy with their bodies, so they decided to stop complaining and do something about it. They realized, as I did, that the only person responsible for your health and well-being is you. Perhaps you are skeptical or hesitant, so with you in mind I decided to make it very easy for you to achieve your fitness goals.

The Super Easy, Complete And Certifiably Insane... 100% Cash-Back Guarantee Facts!

That is not a mis-print.You won't normally find a 100% cash-back guarantee for such a Home Gym and step-by-step training program - but I care. If you really think that you can't get the fitness results I'm talking about after you finish this program, please ask for a refund within 12 weeks of purchasing the product & I'll refund the full purchase price.

We'll guarantee 100% of your money back with no questions asked... It's
that simple!

How's that possibleyou might be asking yourself.

I can do this because my customers are shedding fat... and gaining muscle left and right. This is NOT a Home Gym and Training Program filled with "theories" and hype!

It contains information that's easy to follow and actually works!

I get flooded with testimonials almost every day from people who are gaining more muscle than they ever thought possible. So if the program has worked for thousands of people, I'm confident it can work for you. In fact... I 100% guarantee it!

If you're still unsure, don't decide now. I want you to grab your package today, read it, use it to create your own training routine or use one of my pre-set programs. 

I want you to give it an honest try.

If for any reason it either doesn't work for you, or you're NOT satisfied, let me know and I'll give you 100% of your money back. Period. You pay only if you get results! There's absolutely nothing to lose on your part.

In fact I'll go one step further and offer you our...

In Fact I'll Put It In Writing And Sign It!


 Risk-Free For An Entire 120 Days. If You're Not 100 % Satisfied... Keep ALL The Bonuses For FREE!

There's just no way you can go wrong with my 4 month, ironclad, 100% money-back guarantee...

"You Are Protected By A 120 Days,
No-Questions-Asked... 100%
Purchase Price Back Guarantee!"

Three Options... 1- Equals Success

That's how confident I am that this breakthrough Home Gym will change forever the way your body looks! But wait one more thing....

120-Days Conditional-
Double Your Money Back!

Get the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM, use it, and do just a few things I ask you to do (that you’ll want to do any way's… if you’re serious about building a muscular, defined body) and, if for whatever reason you are not happy with the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2, simply send back the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2 within 120-days, and I will write you out a personal check for double your money. You have my word on that.

 Plus, again, you’ll get to keep all the handouts and free bonuses just for giving it a try.

There will be no hard feelings and we can still be friends. I trust the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM muscle builder program, and I believe after you have experienced the same results as many men and women who have tried it before you, you will find it impossible to take me up on my "almost too good to be true" guarantee.

1) You can continue to look around the internet and spend a couple of hundred bucks on free weights, ab exercisers or even a thigh master. Or drop $1000's for a Bowflex or one of the many copy cat home gyms. Or join that expensive gym that's only a half hour away, wait in lines for equipment,
wipe down other peoples sweat off the machines before you use them... and still have no idea of what to do. And get NO RESULTS!


2) You can stop reading right now and leave this web site feeling frustrated, unhappy and insecure with your body. You can just stop dreaming about having a "killer" looking body that WOW's all the girls or guys at the beach.

Instead you can be content with that "pot belly" or what does mom call it... "more to love-handles." And continue dreaming about one day having a "BEACH BODY." That lean, well muscled and V- tapered look that so many want and only a few know how to create. You can keep on searching for
that "magic pill" that doesn't really exist. Or simply quit!

Or finally...

3) You can stop making excuses! You can make a life changing decision right now, today, to commit yourself, to really give the complete and effective BULLY XTREME HOME GYM program a shot.

Try it, REALLY try it! For the next 12 weeks... start building your dream body. Simply apply the principles that I will teach you, take advantage of my FREE email coaching and Inner Circle. Watch the online, step-by-step movies. Take advantage of the "Secret" owners blog.

And get the results you want and more importantly... DESERVE!! 

In 12 short weeks you won't believe what has happened to you. Imagine wearing that tight shirt or those 30 inch waist jeans. Imagine as all of a sudden everywhere you go, people are doing double takes. Men move out of your way and women start getting in your way. (not a bad idea huh?) Imagine having the energy and a body of a 20 year old again... but this time better!

That girl at work, that normally doesn't even notice you, all of a sudden she's asking you how things are going, and she keeps coming around.

Your friends, and family members want to know if you had plastic surgery or had muscle implants put in. Your wife or girlfriend is more "frisky" and keeps touching your hard muscular body every time you walk by her.

And imagine as every single day you wake up in the morning feeling stronger, more confident and self-assured than you've ever felt before. As you begin to enjoy the pride and satisfaction that comes from seeing and knowing that you can take care of yourself in any situation.

Imaging all this won't make it happen.  You must make a choice.

  • If you chose option #1, then I thank you for giving my web site a read-through and I sincerely wish you good luck!

  • If you chose option #2, I understand, because I was there once too. I know maybe ....someday you will get in shape... RIGHT?

  • If you chose option #3, then you are ready to change your life, to become a new man, a man that takes action. A man that will soon begin to experience all of the benefits that being in incredible physical condition gives you. You will begin to know, first hand what it feels like to be THAT GUY, the one with a powerful and muscular body that every guy secretly admires and the girls drool over!

But, as much as I would love to... I can't do it for you. YES, I will give you all the tools, knowledge, shortcuts and tricks of the trade. I will give you, EVERYTHING you need!

You just need to trust yourself! You don't need to trust me, because... I have taken all the RISK out of it! This is a Zero-Risk Home Trial... You are under NO OBLIGATION during the 120 days.

So, please don't put it off any longer, make the decision now and get  started... our support staff and I are ALL here to help you reach your goal.

So to recap, here’s the deal:

Some Of What You'll Get...

  • BULLY XTREME HOME GYM "Super Resistance" Muscle Builder: It comes ready to use... right out of the box! Start immediately to build that amazing body you want.

  • You will get the complete 52 page BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Iso-Synergy training program (PDF) which gives you step-by-step instructions. All the workout programs are clearly explained in this easy to follow eBook. From beginner to exercise pro you will get an easy to understand explanation of how to get started and the fastest way to get results. It comes full of color photographs of all the exercises you can do.

  • The groundbreaking 179 page Bully fat-loss and nutrition eBook.This is the "bible of fat-loss." You will quickly grasp all the
    nutrition and fat loss secrets that only Fitness Models, Bodybuilders & "A List" Hollywood actors and actresses have known about.

  • The entire 5 eBook Bruce Lee Collection. Including an eBook of the "Original JKD Manuscript" written in Bruce Lee's own hand-writing.. a rare find.

  • Building An Amazing Body Quickly- the 6 part MP-3 ready audio collection... you can listen to it on-line or download it to your iPOD.  Listen to it anywhere and get all the knowledge... motivation... tips and tricks to turbo-charge your results.

  • The exact step-by-step exercises to train each specific muscle group by viewing the Online Video Lesson. The entire video contains in-depth tips and tricks for maximizing your muscle gains in your chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs and abs. You can even download it to your computer and view it anytime!

  • 6 more super hot gifts to... blow torch the fat off your stomach... mouth watering "healthy" recipes that are a breeze to prepare... the complete "Stretching Guide" will show you how to relieve back pain forever... become more limber and elongate your muscles.

  • STOP sabotaging yourself and easily achieve all your goals... Think And Grow Rich, the complete Andrew Carnegie formula for wealth and success that has created millions of business... millionaires and billionaires...
  • The "Software Toolbox"... push one button and find out your ideal bodyweight... total calorie requirements and the precise amount of exercise you need to accomplish your fitness goals. Also the exact nutritional content of hundreds of foods... including fast foods. Bulking up if your skinny or burning fat if your not... this software calculates it all and much more!

  • "Lifetime Manual Updates" as new exercises, nutrition information and scientific studies come to our notice... this information will be made available to you at NO-CHARGE!

  • Complimentary access to the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Inner Circle: A customers-only on-line forum and blog to keep you up-to-date daily... weekly... when ever you want... you're in control. You’ll find insights from the experts, newly discovered muscle growth, fat-burning tips and strategies. Information on anti-aging, health news & happenings and of course... additional "UN-ADVERTISED"-- free eBook's and other gifts... for approved BULLY XTREME HOME GYM customers only!

  • Breakthrough Ab Blasting Training: The Ab Blasting Specialization Program is a great way to enhance your BULLY XTREME HOME GYM workout. It includes a low calorie meal plan filled with mouthwatering, easy-to-make and low calorie recipes. It includes an instructional on line training program... two 5 minute ab workouts and a complete cardio workout.
  • Complimentary On Line Coaching: You get 90 days of email support. There is no charge for help, support, and encouragement. Remember... we want you to get results!

Add them all up and you're getting $884.04 in retail value. Your investment is not going to be $884.04 not $197, not $167, NOT $159-

Here's ALL You Need To Do:

  • Click on the order button below. You will be taken to our Secure Ordering page. It uses the highest encryption software possible, so you are completely safe.

  • Check off the quantity you want.. one, two or three Bully's (great idea to keep one in the office)

  • Click on the "check out" button on the bottom right

  • Complete your shipping information and credit card info (international or
    U.S.A. orders)

  • And you're are done. You will receive an email from us confirming your purchase just after that. It's that simple.

So don't put it off one more MINUTE. Get started on your way to better health and a better body now. Click on the "TRY IT NOW" button below!

Remember you can order the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM 2 package, train with it, treat it as your own, go through your own 120 day "trial run"… and if you aren't completely blown away with the results you get… simply send the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM back, but keep the more than $963 bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for trying out the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM.

You'll receive a prompt refund of your purchase price. No questions asked, and no hassles!

That means… you can learn EVERYTHING for FREE!

I couldn't be more generous without actually coming over and training you personally for free every day.

So order below, right now, while it's on your mind. Because you, my friend, have a date with destiny just 120 short, intense days. Click on the order button below.


No Risk Trial!

YES! Frank, I'm finally ready to start packing on solid muscle, force my body into amazing massive growth, get lean and ripped in less than 90 days.

I know I can do this using the Bully Xtreme Home Gym and WITHOUT over-priced ... home gyms, health clubs and worthless long hours working out.

All in the convenience and privacy of my home, office, on vacation or just about anywhere!

I understand I have your guarantee and promise that I can try the Bully Xtreme Home Gym and if I am not absolutely 100% delighted. I can return it within 120 days.

With that understanding, please send me as quickly as possible. The Bully Xtreme home gym and access to all the bonuses, videos, training audios, and anything else that I forgot that you're giving me for free!

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Well, there you have it.

This is an incredible package.  You get everything you need to get results I have left nothing out.  My accountant told me I was crazy giving all this away for such a low price!

You have seen the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM in action. You have read my story, as well as many others... people like us who have gotten amazing results!

You have heard from experts in Personal Training, Isometrics, Chiropractics, Success Coaches and ordinary folks. Where else can you get a home gym that does all that the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM does... at this incredibly low internet price?

NO where.

Take advantage and act on this offer now!

Get one of world's strongest portable muscle builders and the most up-to-date, state of the art training program... along with my world class muscle building nutrition and fat-sucking system!

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Make this the turning point for your health, body and future ... it's only one click away.

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I almost forgot, ORDER TODAY and you will get 6 more GIFTS. Worth an additional $109.75. Here's what you will get:What's the hold-up? With a 120 day, fully refundable, no questions asked guarantee there is absolutely no risk! Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


#1- Super Fast Abs

I have taken the best BULLY XTREME HOME GYM Ab Blasting Workouts and created this incredible specialization eBook. I sat down recently and came up with the fastest, easiest six pack sculpting workouts using the BULLY XTREME HOME GYM and bodyweight exercises know to human kind. This is no rehash of any body else's work.

This is a super fast result getting
Training and nutrition program.

This program is designed to get you into bikini, tank top, tight shirt wearing summer weather. If you have always wanted to be able to take off your shirt or put on that Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ... then you need to get your hands on this SPECIAL eBook!  (Retail Value $29.95- Yours FREE)

#2- World's Greatest Goal Achiever

John Goddard is one of the nation's foremost speakers on setting and achieving big dreams. At the age of 15 he created a list of 127 dreams he wanted to achieve and now at the age of 74 he has completed 109 of them!

In this eBook you will see the incredible list he created and learn something very important. Why you must have a list of your own!  
(Retail Value $19.95- Yours FREE)

#3- Bruce Lee -
Jeet Kune Do "Original" Manuscript

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is the name Bruce Lee gave to his combat philosophy in 1967. Now you can have a copy of this groundbreaking fighting art!

Originally, when Lee first began research into fighting styles, he gave his martial art his own name of Jung Fan Gung Fu. JKD as it survives today – if one wants to view it "refined" as a product, not a process – is what was left at the time of Bruce Lee's death.

It is the result of the life-long martial arts development process Lee went through. Bruce Lee stated that his concept is not an "adding to" of more and more things on top of each other to form a system, but rather, a winnowing out.

The metaphor Lee borrowed from Chan Buddhism was of constantly filling a cup with water, and then emptying it, used for describing Lee's philosophy of "casting off what is useless."

He also used the sculptor's mentality of beginning with a lump of clay and hacking away at the "un-essentials"... the end result was what he considered to be the bare combat essentials, or JKD. (Retail Value $19.95- Yours FREE)

#4- Isometric or Steroids

In the last few years more and more has been heard about Steroids in sports, now in this eBook you will discover how Steroids found there way to America and into Sports.

You will also find startling revelations regarding the use of Isometrics in building muscularity, power and strength!
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#5- Positive Expectancy to Win-

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract success, while others never achieve it? In this powerful on-line download MP-3 you will discover
the "Secret."

There has been much written about the "Secret" and the law of ATTRACTION. In this motivating recording the true secrets will be revealed to you.
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#6- As A Man Thinketh-
by James Allen

This timeless classic is one of the most incredible books about the human mind and how to succeed ever written it's short but power packed!
(Retail Value $19.95- Yours FREE)

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