Brad Pitt Abs

3 Easy Steps To Brad Pitt Abs

brad pitt abs

Brad Pitt Abs... the mere mention of the name Brad Pitt brings up an image in our mind of his ripped 6 pack abs and flat stomach.

It seems like no other body part on a man denotes strength, virility and sexiness like a flat stomach.

I guess we have all seen Brad Pitt shirtless in enough of his movies to know that he takes pride in showing up for his roles, whatever they might be, prepared.

Now people will tell you that the reason Brad Pitt looks the way he does is because of his amazing genetics. that may or may not be true. What I do know, is that many people have achieved... ripped 6 pack abs without "Amazing Genetics."

Now mind you, there is a lot of poor information on the Internet about how to get Brad Pitt abs. Most of it, is nonsense.

Getting a flat stomach or having six pack abs is a result of 3 things...

Many guys on the Internet are under the impression that they need to belong to a gym or have some fancy exercise equipment in order to get a body like Brad Pitt's.

However, that's just not true! While it would be great to have a personal trainer and be able to workout for three or four hours a day with no other obligations or concerns, the truth of the matter is that any of us can achieve the same physical conditioning as Brad.

All you really need is a set of resistance bands, a pull up bar, and the dedication/commitment to work out 3 to 4 times per week.

The 3 Secrets of Brad Pitt’s Abs

  • Diet - You do not need to starve yourself in order to get six pack abs, you just need to know the types of foods to eat that will bring your body fat levels down. The Brad Pitt fight club diet consisted of skinless chicken breasts, egg whites, brown rice, oatmeal, salads and vegetables.
  • Cardio - While most people HATE cardio it is necessary! Today's society does not do enough walking never mind running. We take our cars everywhere. Cardio does not have to mean monotonous hours on the treadmill. A simple bike ride, a walk in the park or any other activity along these lines can be used for your cardio. As long as you are in the ... Fat Burning Zone.
  • Ab Workout- In order to get that Brad Pitt abs you must develop the stomach muscles. Some people will tell you that having abs is all about your diet. Trust me, it is not!

Look at any bodybuilder that is dieting for a bodybuilding show and what do they do?

They do carb rotation, lots of cardio, and they increase their ab workouts in order to show off the ab muscles on stage. So if you neglect ab exercises you will never truly have a great set of six pack abs. Those three things above are to me the... HOLY GRAIL... of having an incredible fight club physique.

Your diet is very important but, so are the cardio and workout components. Fail to do one and you will not achieve Brad Pitt abs!

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