Bowflex Home Gym Reviews

Is Bowflex Really Worth the Money?

There quite a few Bowflex home gym reviews on the Internet today.

Perhaps, you are wondering whether you should have a Bowflex Home Gym as part of your home gym equipment?

And perhaps you have seen one or two Bowflex reviews online.

Bear in mind that most of them are completely biased and are not worth the digital memory that they are recorded on.

In this Bowflex review, I will be completely honest and unbiased about the Bowflex home gym and it's "power rods" resistance technology.

Before I get into the review let me start out by saying that you should first determine "what are your fitness or bodybuilding goals."

The Bowflex is not intended to build up big muscles. Rather, it is intended to build toned and lean muscles.

It contains all the same exercise equipment you would find at a gym with 210 pounds of resistance. It is good for both men and women for resistance training to tone and help build bone density.

The Bowflex does not have any weights to move on or off the bars, so there is no danger or dropping one on your feet by accident.

Many people like the Bowflex because of its ability to fold up. Unfortunately, the Bowflex is not portable if you are going on vacation, you had better think of another solution to your workout problem.

It also lacks the wide array of exercises that you can perform in the gym or from other pieces of exercise equipment. For example, a good set of resistance bands can provide you with as much if not more resistance than the Bowflex and provide you with more versatility and variety in exercises.

Great for Beginners

Those who have used the Bowflex say it is an excellent machine for the beginner, but not so much for anyone who has experience at working out.

They complain that this machine is not good for a cardio workout. It does not have the rowing machine option and is not very good for anyone who is tall.

On the other hand, there are good things about this exercise equipment such as the ease of use, but it does take a while to get used to all the cables and pulleys.

In addition, there is the added comfort of using it at home. It does give a full body workout and comes with an instruction manual to show you all the different exercises that you can do.

There are two major disadvantages with the Bowflex home gym:

Bowflex Is Overpriced

If you were to compare the Bowflex home gym to the Total Gym or to resistance bands or an isometric exerciser, you would see that the results you get from the Bowflex is not that much more than what you would get from any of these other devices.

In essence, what is the Bowflex home gym other than a set of resistance bands or a device that uses cables?

At close to $1000 or more, depending on the model you choose, you could probably do better with a quality set of dumbbells, resistance bands, or an isometric exerciser. You will achieve the same bodybuilding results with either these devices for a fraction of the cost

Bowflex Needs a Room

The Bowflex because of its power rods technology needs a decent size room. If you live in a small apartment or a dorm room, you are out of luck.

As opposed to other home gyms like Total Gym that take up much less space and are truly compact.

Bowflex Exercises

Here is another disadvantage of the Bowflex home gym that we almost forgot to mention. The fact that it offers you very limited exercises for your Bowflex workout.

In order to use any piece of home gym equipment correctly you need to take into consideration the fact that you may become bored with the same exercises repeatedly.

In addition, you also want to take advantage of some advanced training principles such as Muscle Confusion, Circuit Training and other bodybuilding techniques that will really allow you to pack on the muscle and get lean.

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