Best Chest Exercise

What is the best chest exercise?

Some people would say you should do a bench press exercise. Unfortunately, the bench press exercise does a better job of developing the triceps and the front deltoids than the pectoral muscles.

(Too many individuals are injured each year doing bench presses to really consider it an effective chest developer.)

In reality, your chest muscles are probably the easiest muscles to develop, of course, with the right chest exerciser. Here are some proven exercises and exercise equipment that can help you develop a squared off powerful chest.

Best Chest Exercises


For years, the military has used push-ups as the staple of its upper body exercise program. There are many ways that you can increase the muscle building potential of this simple exercise. Use resistance bands, or a weighted vest. You can even have a workout partner put weights on your back to add more resistance. You can even do push-ups between chairs.

Power Twister

chest twister

You may have seen these exercisers in the past. At one time Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the advertisement of them in the pages of Flex and Muscle Builder Magazines. The advantage of this particular chest exerciser is that it allows you to target the chest muscles from many different angles. In addition, this exerciser is very cheap.

Isometric and Isotonic Exercise Equipment

This may be something you never heard of. Some of these exercisers have been sold under many different names. The Tensolator, Bullworker, Macho Power, Bully Xtreme, and the Everlast Power Bow... to mention a few.

The advantage that these chest exercisers offer is that they are also low in cost, typically under $50. In addition to being a very effective in developing the chest, they also offer the advantage training your entire body.
Another advantage that they offer is that you can use them to workout using static contraction or isometric hold. On the other hand, you can use them the way you normally use any other exerciser, by exercising using the reps and sets model.

The advantage of isometrics for your chest is that it builds tremendous strength and muscle definition. Perhaps you have seen a bodybuilder before he goes on stage practicing flexing his muscles.

In essence, this is a static hold and the reason that bodybuilders do these exercises is because they shape the muscle and bring out the cuts in your chest.

We were going to give you one of the best chest exercises but in reality, we have given you additional ways that you can get a well-developed and massive chest from some simple exercises and chest workout equipment.

best chest exercises

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