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These articles are filled with tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you achieve greater results in less time.

Daniel Craig's Training Program- 30 Days To A New Bond Body

Dismissed as blond, bland, and most unfortunately, a potato - head upon his introduction in 2005, the 38-year-old has spent the better part of the past two years on the offensive after criticism from caustic fans.

But in an ironic twist, one of the most mocked of Bonds is now fast on his way to generating perhaps the best reviews of anyone in the 007 club for his brutal and engrossing performance in "Casino Royale."

A $150 million franchise reboot that returns to the gritty and emotional roots of Fleming's character. Daniel Craig, is getting a great deal of press and attention from the ladies due to his physique and demeanor.

To read more visit: Daniel Craig's Training Program

The Goal Card:

Allow me to present to you the secret weapon of all serious goal-achievers. This powerful tool will keep you focused on your major targets and help you develop laser-focus. Do not let another day pass by without this goal-achieving tool in your possession!

Not only will this tool will remind you throughout the day what your goals are it will also instill into your subconscious mind and how your body will look in the future. . .

Click here to download your goal card

The Muscle Builders Secret Weapon! Do You Know What It Is?

Someone once said, "Success is setting goals. Everything else is just commentary." I wholeheartedly agree.

Your success rate increases astronomically when you set goals properly.

In this quick and easy to read article you'll learn the "secrets" to achieving all your fitness goals.

To read more visit: Muscle Builder

10 Secrets For Writing Powerful Goals And Affirmations That Attract Success Like A Magnet

Click here to read this great article about: Affirmations

Isometric Exercise Training And Static Contraction

The Hettinger Muller Report - A great article including scientific results that it works.

Click here to read more about: Isometric Training or Isometric Exercise:

A complete breakdown of Isometrics and how to  get results. The old style strong mans secret to gaining incredible strength read on to learn more about this scientifically proven method of training.

To read more visit: Isometric Exercise

A Worthy Destination

The master of goal setting breaks it all down and reveals the hidden secrets to success and happiness.

To read more visit: Earl Nightingale

The Goal-Getting Toolbox
7 Power-Tools To Focus Your Mind and Ensure A Leaner, More
Muscular Physique!

I firmly believe that at least 90% of my success is driven by a combination of mental and emotional factors.

I have a fanatic passion about getting more muscular and staying lean. It is at the forefront of my mind every single second of every minute of each hour, every day.

To read more visit: Goal Setting Worksheets

Space Muscles...
What Exercises Work In Space To Keep
The Astronauts In Shape

Without gravity N.A.S.A. is out to find a training system and an exercise device that will provide the Astronauts with an effective strength training program. Read on to learn why they have turned to Isometrics.

To read more visit: Isometric Training

Pack An Inch Of Solid Muscle On Your Arms
With Bicep And Triceps Supersets:

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a safe and natural way to build more muscle in a shorter period of time? In this day and age of exercise gimmicks and quick fix solutions, most intelligent people would be skeptical if they heard such a claim.

But guess what? Such an “animal” really does exist. No, it’s not a drug. It’s not some miracle supplement, either. Nor is it a newfangled piece of workout machinery, your Bully Xtreme is perfect for this kind of training.

To read more visit: Gain Muscle Fast  

Total Person Concept:
Building A Balanced Successful Life

The "Total Person Concept" was first introduced to me in 1977 when I bought my first franchise with a company called Success Motivation Institute (SMI)

Paul J Meyer the founder of the company, had in his youth repaired bicycles to earn extra cash. His inspiration for the "wheel of life" or total person concept came from a bike tire.

To read more visit: Total Person Concept

isometricsWhen Is The Best Time Of Day To Do Your Aerobic Exercise?

The answer is any time! The most important thing is that you just do it. Continuous cardiovascular exercise is the one thing almost more than any other that will give you an amazing
6 pack abs.

To read more visit: Cardio

Discover The 3 Keys To Fast Muscle
Growth And Your Protein Needs!

Proper nutrition is as or more important than training. The muscles in order to grow must have at least these 3 key elements:

  • Progressive Overload: You must continually push yourself to increase your "power meter" reading on the Bully Xtreme.
  • Nutrition: Your body must have the proper amount of protein. For practical muscle-building and body-composition improving purposes, the important thing is to consume between 25-50 grams of complete protein (depending on your needs) every three hours
  • Rest: The old Bullworker program had you working out everyday, this unhealthy and DANGEROUS. You want to give your body enough time to recuperate and rebuild the muscle. The major benefit of training is that it breaks down muscle tissue. The better your immune system and the higher your natural testosterone levels the more muscle and you will be able to put on. Unfortunately all of us men are fighting the clock on this one.

To read more visit: Whey Protein

The Incredible Bullworker History

When Gert F Koelbel invented the Tensolator later renamed the Bullworker it seemed like a strange contraption for sure, but the idea caught on and years later and millions of Bullworkers later... it was a HIT.

Why, you may ask??

Well for one thing the Bullworker allows one to workout an entire body with one piece of equipment. The Bullworker can be used as a cable machine, resistance bands or exercise bands.

As well as compressing it to hit the muscles from an angle no other exerciser on the market can hit as effectively. In this article you will discover more about this "German Wonder" and why perhaps you should own one yourself.

To read more visit: Bullworker History

Tito Ortiz Training - Secret Mixed Martial Arts Training Of Tito Ortiz Weapons

If you're a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), then chances are you’ve been following the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Tito Ortiz, who recently demolished Ken Shamrock, has come back on the fighting scene with a hard as a rock style of conditioning never seen before in the Octagon!

To read more visit: Tito Ortiz Training

Avoid Muscle Building Plateaus
With These Easy To Follow Tips

Not Building Enough Muscle? 

Then Discover How To Quickly Avoid Dangerous Training Plateaus. Here are a few easy to follow tips to help you blow thru any training plateau!

To read more visit: Muscle Building Plateaus

Gain Weight And Burn Body Fat
Astonishing Shortcut Secrets To Gain Lean Muscle Weight Fast.

What if I told you that you could very easily add 10 to 24 lbs in the next 30 days, would that get your attention?

To read more visit: Gain Weight Fast

Building Muscle 101

Are you working out like a madman or madperson, to be P.C. and still not getting the results you want? Then the answer may be found in this article. So take a moment to read these quick steps you can take to GUARANTEE your muscle growth.

To read more visit: Best Chest Exercises

Bullworker Exercise

I wanted to share my thoughts and the thoughts of some experts in the field of exercise physiology on why you should NOT follow the old Bullworker exercise training program.

What we first have to realize is that the Old Bullworker exercise training program was created in the 70's. Well 30 plus years have gone by and so has the field of exercise and nutrition.

The results that the current level natural bodybuilder are achieving are way beyond what was done years ago.

To read more visit: Bullworker Exercise

Isometric Exercise And Isometric Training
Alexander Zass Father Of Isometric Exercise

To read more visit: Isometric Exercise

Bullworker- The German Muscle Machine-

Who would have ever thought that a simple device like the Bullworker, invented by
Gert F Koelbel would become one of the best total body home gyms for under $150.00

To read more visit: Bullworker Exercises

Bowflex Is It Worth The Money?

Are you wondering whether or not you should have a Bowflex as part of your home gym equipment? This article will give you information about the good and bad about this piece of exercise equipment

Read more in this Bowflex Review

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