Archery Strength Training

Why You Should Be Performing
Archery Strength Training

archery strength training

For most individuals when you think of archery or bow hunting you think of Native Americans or perhaps the great archers of the medieval era.

For others with a martial arts background, they might think of the great Samurai horsemen firing off their arrows as they sped through the ranks of the enemy.

In fact, archery has been around for centuries, being a good archer was at one time considered very important. Especially, in England... where it was mandatory that all boys from the age of 14 forward were required to practice shooting the Longbow.

The Secrets of Being a Good Archer

Being a good archer demands not only a good eye but, also powerful shoulders, back and forearm muscles. In this article you will discover how to develop your archery fitness muscles. And believe me these archery exercises are easy to perform and will quickly build the muscles required to make you an expert archer.

What Is the Best Way to Develop
Powerful Archery Fitness Muscles?

Well, you can use free weights, dumbbells, or an archery exerciser. What is an archery exerciser? This particular piece of archery exercise equipment is specifically designed to target the muscles that an archer needs in order to pull and hold his bow so that his arrow will hit the bull's-eye.

This demands a strong wrist as well as a strong back. I have found one of the best ways to stay in shape for archery is by using isometric exercise equipment. An isometric exerciser offer you the benefits of both isotonics and iso-tension training.

Isometrics and Archery Exercises

The benefits of using isometrics in your archery fitness program is that they require very little time and are one of the few exercise protocols that have been validated by research. Bruce Lee used an isometric exerciser called the Tensolator to strengthen his punching power.

Martial Arts and Archery Exercises

The muscles used in punching are almost the same as in pulling back your drawstring. It's just the reverse. Effective archery exercises should not require you to spend additional time at the gym.

In my opinion, the best archery workout program would be something that you can perform in your own home. Let's face it, with all the demands of your job, family and your devotion to archery... you need an archery exercise and fitness program that can be formed quickly and yield maximum results.

 best archery exercises

Major Muscles Used in Archery

As mentioned earlier, the muscles of the back, shoulders arms and stomach are the most important to develop to increase your draw weight. A complete archery workout will try to mimic or match what happens when you draw on your bowstring.

Recent research has proven that you gain the most strength when the exercises you perform are similar or the same as you would be doing in that sport.

Sport Specific Training

In other words, if you were a lineman on a football team an exercise such as the bench press would be sport specific. You use the same muscles pushing your opponent away as you do in the bench press.

In archery, we tend draw pull the drawstring back and hold it while we take aim. That is why isometric exercise or isometric training will improve your archery muscles greater than any other type of strength training exercises.

In the picture below you will see one of the best archery exercises that you can perform with an isometric exerciser that a specific to archery.

archery exerciser

In this exercise, you hold the isometric exerciser the same as you would a bow. You draw back on the cable as if it were drawstring, once you reach the point where you cannot pull back any further, you hold the resistance to a count of 10.

This type of training will increase your draw strength by as much as 300%. Sounds hard to believe but this is scientifically proven

Using free hand isometrics is not as effective as using an isometric exerciser. These types of isometric exercisers are very inexpensive and allow you to train your total body.

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