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10 Secrets For Writing Powerful Goals And Affirmations That Attract Success Like A Magnet!

Q: Regarding health affirmations, after reading chapter one in the "Bully Xtreme training Manual" I can now understand the importance of setting goals and using affirmations for health.

My question is, how important is it to write goals and health affirmations in the present tense? I just can't seem to do that -- it seems weird writing it in present tense because it feels like I'm lying to myself."

A: According to many psychologists, hypnotherapists and personal achievement experts, the most effective way to write an affirmation or goal statement is in the present tense (for example, "I am 9% body fat,"  "my arms measure 18 inches" or "I have a 30 inch waist")

One reason for that is that your subconscious -- the part of your mind that generates autonomic bodily functions and automatic behaviors (habits) -- is very peculiar in the way it can take things literally.

If your health affirmations read like this, "I will lose 20 pounds", your subconscious mind says, "WHEN???" It's possible that your subconscious will interpret that statement as, "Someday in the future I will lose 20 pounds."

If you keep saying your health affirmations in future tense, the literal interpretation by the subconscious mind is to keep the goal in the future, delaying action and postponing achievement.

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However, writing goals and health affirmations in present tense is not the only method that works. If the need to write a goal in the present tense were absolute, then no one who says, "I will" or "I want" would ever reach his or her goals.

Plenty of people have reached goals by simply saying "I want X" or "I will achieve Y." Some people don't write a goal with any tense, they just write: "My goal: 130 pounds, 16% body fat."

What's most important is that you begin by giving your brain a specific target to aim at or at least a direction to move towards.

You see, the subconscious is influenced in many ways -- not just words. What is equally, if not more important as the written affirmation, is the mental picture, the emotion and the belief underlying your affirmations.

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