Affirmations for Weight Loss

Secrets of Changing Your
Beliefs about Losing Weight!

Your affirmations for weight loss are tied into what you believe. So, let us look at your belief systems.

Affirmations for Weight Loss -
Belief Systems For Losing Weight

Words, mental pictures, emotions and belief could collectively be called INTENT and it is your INTENT that counts because words mean different things to different people.

affirmations for weight loss

In some cultures, words do not even exist for certain things or concepts, and if words do not exist, then the experience or emotion of that word cannot take place.

INTENT also has to do with belief!

A very wise teacher once said that INTENT is what you want AND what you believe, combined. You see, you might want something, and write it down as a goal or say it as an affirmation, but on a deeper level, you might not really believe you can get it.

So "wanting," to some people, is negative because they have wanted things and not received them and that is because they did not believe they could have them.

What You Believe about Weight Loss
Is What You Will Achieve

affirmations for weight loss before and after

If you intend to achieve something, this means you must want something and you must believe you will get it and you deserve it, so regardless of whether your affirmation or goal is phrased in present tense or not, your subconscious mind gets the message loud and clear.

Suppose this is your goal:

"I will win the Body For Life transformation challenge weighing 172 ripped pounds with 7% body fat on May 31st."

As you read that goal, if you are creating a mental picture of yourself winning and you attach a lot of emotion to the image, steadily holding the picture with belief and faith (you truly INTEND to make it happen), you will be motivated from within to take the actions necessary and it will become reality - even though you said, "I will" (future tense) instead of "I am" (present tense).

Words have great power, but writing and reading your goals in present tense is only one way to help impress the goal into your subconscious mind.

There is more to the subconscious goal achievement mechanism than just words -- there is the mental picture, emotion, belief and many other factors that influence the subconscious mind and help change your behavior, which helps you achieve your goals.

In part three we will breakdown the exact step-by-step process that you should use to create your affirmations for weight loss.

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